Thursday, November 03, 2005

I Spied

Scalzi's fifth Weekend Assignment was titled "Brushes with Fame." I made a montage of various celebrities that I recalled seeing over the course of my life. Of course, that doesn't include live performances of any kind. I only counted people in passing from real life. I've seen even more since then. Just last week, I saw Goldie Hawn, of Private Benjamin and Laugh In fame - where is classified. On Monday night, I stopped by Whole Foods on my way home. As I stepped in the door, guess whose face was staring right at me as he waited at the register to check out? Yup, I can't believe he wasn't buying butter. Hmm...actually, I didn't notice what he was buying. Amazingly, he looks pretty darn freakin' hot for his age of 46. I actually expected him to look like leather hide and be about 4'1". He's doesn't and he isn't. I would guess he's at least 6'4".


Judith HeartSong said...

"I can't believe it's not buuuuddder." Hey, I think he's hot and I'm a lesbian. It's the hair. :)

ckays1967 said...

I was all set to say something funny and then I saw Judith comment and I totally FORGOT whatever it was I was going to say!


Oh yeah....him. Hot. Hot.....yummy. Big dude.


Judi said...

Wow, GREAT new journal you have here! Thanks for stopping by mine and for leaving a comment. I'll be back here! :)

Gretchen said...

I can't remember a time when I've just ran into a celebrity like that. Even though there are times in downtown Savannah when they just pop up. I hear about it though,lol. Yes Fabio does look pretty good and no butter? lol


Trish said...

I love Goldie Hawn. Why didn't you mention this to me earlier?

Unhinged said...

Well, I like to think that I'd remain cool and unruffled at this kind of celebrity siting ... but I think I might have peed my panties. So it's just as well I wasn't with you.

p.s. I have SUCH a difficult time reading those letters ... the word verification thing? Pish!