Sunday, October 23, 2005


I love diving into the deep pool of human observation and reflecting upon our differences and similarities. What I love most about it is when I have one of those moments where an epiphany walks up and slaps me between the eyes with an “aha moment” that trips me out better than any acid or shrooms ever could. I begin floating in the groovy-ness of the concept and I let my thoughts waft through the realm of possibilities. It’s the epitome of a mind trip, a good one anyhow. I love it and it’s free, easily accessible, and no brain cells are killed in the process.

I had a friend ask me one time if I thought my mind was open to these natural “highs” because of my prior recreational drug use. Honestly, I’m not sure. I’d like to think that it’s just life experiences that have brought me to where I am. Drug use was a part of those experiences but so was a lot of living and seeing from all kinds of perspectives. It’s that whole Native American thing about walking in someone else’s shoes. If you really lend yourself to that concept, it’s amazing what you will learn.

We’re all on the same journey. We’re just taking different paths to get there. My path might be different than yours but it doesn’t mean it is any better or worse than yours either. If you get to the end first, wait for me, I’m getting there, probably faster than I want but slower than I should. Oh well, it’s my trip, and what a trip it is!


Trish said...

Hey! My first comment in your new digs. Lovely place you've got here.

I love this entry. Timely (for me anyway). I agree about the journey - as you probably already know. Good stuff!

Cynthia (sistercdr) said...

Thank you for giving a link here. I don't want to lose your journal to the ether after you leave AOL. You're just one of those people who have made blogging a wonderful experience. Now to get you into my bloglines.

~Rebecca Anne~ said...

Ahh the new digs look very nice, I'm sure everyone will have no problem following you over to this side of the park.
As for your entry, I'm always fascinated with paths, choices and where they take you in life~

Lisa :-] said...

That's what I like about're always so positie. In direct contrast to ME, the Queen of Negativity. My little "mind trips" are almost always unhappy. When I imagine possibilities, they invariably end up being negatve. I guess it must be in the genes or something.

I really like your new blog, Robbie. Hope to be a frequent visitor. And don't be a stranger to mine!

Barbie said...

Hey Robbie Canobbie *wink*

I'm here, weee. Congrats on the new digs. I grabbed the ticket (url) and I will be inserting the stub into my hot spots when I exit this comment. I agree with the "unfairness" on the Free AOL. I'm just a complete tard when it comes to HTML, eek!!

Good Luck & God Speed. I'll be back,

Barb @>------

Kari (msyahtzee) said...

Hi there! Glad to know of your new space. I appreciate the thoughts about the journey- I whole heartily agree.

I'll be back soon!

Anonymous said...


Made it!!


Brian said...

I love it when you call me, God, baby. Do it again.

"Option C" - You're just trying to make me love you, right? Only a Goddess would know what that is. When can we implement it, kitten? [:P]

I missed you so, Robbie. I'm digging this place, too. Looks as if the design potential may exceed AOL's... and you know I wuv to pway wif cwayons.

Awl be bahk...

~Hugs, Brian @---->---