Friday, August 05, 2005

Scrap the Crappy ~ Dedicated to Mom

I came home last night to a message from my mom with a desperate plea to call and tell her what happened on Big Brother last night. But, it was only 7:30 and the show doesn't air here on Thursdays until 8:00. Apparently, mom didn't get home to catch it and she wanted to know who was kicked off. Unfortunately, I couldn't help her because I've learned to not watch the live feeds just before the show so it won't reveal to me what has occurred. Sadly though, on the show, it revealed that Kaysar was voted out 7 to 1. Go Janelle! I think she is the only houseguest who hasn't been wish-washy and has been true to herself.

However, with it being the "Summer of Secrets," it was revealed that a houseguest who has been voted out will be returning. But, the decision has been left to America. Ashlea, the goof, left her place of sequester so she has been disqualified. As such, it leaves the viewers to choose between Cappy, Michael, and Kaysar. Do we really want the cult of Cappy to go on any longer? It's downright scarey! Michael would be a nice piece of eye candy. However, Kaysar deserves it. He's the only houseguest to show some 'nads and use his brain. Instead of this season being about who is screwing who in the HoH room, he made it a season of strategy and game. Unfortunately, he was too trusting and revealed his hand to the players. Hopefully, he has learned that the only person he can trust in that house is Janelle. All the rest, even Howie, will sell him up the river to stay a week longer.

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