Thursday, July 07, 2005

Round Robin Photo Challenge - Summer

The photo challenge this time is "Summer." I already had it in my mind where I wanted to go and get pictures but with my vacation there just wasn't enough time. I had hoped to find something while on vacation but I just didn't quite see anything that screamed "Summer" to me. So, I dug through my archive of photos and came up with two or three that I thought about sharing but then I changed my mind and decided to go with something from my vacation to keep the momentum up of sharing my experience.

On my plane trip up to Seattle, I was stunned as we flew over snow-covered mountain tops. I was also kicking myself in the butt because my camera was stuck in the overhead baggage and I couldn't get pictures of the incredible scenery that I was seeing. I rectified that on the plane trip back though. I even got a picture of Mt. St. Helen's!

However, the two pictures that I decided to share for the challenge are from the ground. Actually, it's more like a picture from the water taken from a ferry that we took over to Bainbridge Island. It is of the regal Mt. Rainer. Apparently, it is the tallest mountain in the Cascades. And, a magnificent sight it is. I felt very fortunate to get to see it several times because according to locals she shows herself at whim. I guess what a picture of her means to me is the antithesis of Summer though because I was quite enthralled by the idea that there are areas in the Continental U.S. that are still snow-covered in the middle of the Summer.

As such, I present her majesty, Mt. Rainer:

And for a grainy, close-up:

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