Sunday, July 10, 2005


One of the crappy things about taking a vacation is that when I'm gone there's not someone there doing my work. As such, when I get back I end up putting in all kinds of extra hours trying to get things caught up at work. I worked late all last week and even went in for four and a half hours today and I'm still not caught up yet. The good news is that I am finally fully staffed. Finally! However, it will take a while to get things caught up. I figure by the time I take my next vacation in October, I'll be caught up with everything just in time to get behind. But, at least it won't be as bad as it is now. Anyhow, on with the reminiscing of my vacation which is beginning to seem so long ago and not worth writing about.

I stayed with my old roommate, Patty. She lives in a quaint town called Issaquah. Patty moved up there to be close to her daughter and son-in-law, who became friends of mine too when they lived down here. Harry works for a "major software manufacturer." Think Seattle, or maybe Redmond, and you'll know which one I am talking about.

Anyhow, my first day there was fairly uneventful. I arrived at Patty's and we took a walk around Issaquah. The Seattle area seems to be like most metropolitan areas where one town runs into another. However, up there it doesn't seem quite so congested because everything is surrounded by huge trees and large lakes. There seems to be lots of cars but I really didn't see many people walking around like you do here in L.A.

Issaquah is a quaint little place. We stopped by the park and took a picture with the statue above. I took a pic of the mural above because it was so interesting and rich with the history of the area. Sadly, I didn't make it by Boehms though. Luckily, they sell their delectable confections online though. I might just have to place an order.

In the evening we went over to Jules and Harry's new house. They just had their second child. The beautiful baby that I fell in love with. We bonded in some kind of way. Jules was impressed by how I could get her to fall asleep.I think mostly she was impressed because I did it by sing-songing "" because I don't know any lullabyes. It kind of saddens me though to think that I won't ever have a baby of my own. But, I also think that it's for the best. I think that opportunity has passed me by. I don't know how women my age do it and work on top of it. I'm not home enough to get a dog. How in the world would I have the time to devote to the needs of a child?

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