Monday, July 25, 2005

Cards ~ Cards. Everywhere there's cards.

About a month ago Aunt Nub put out a call for homemade cards for soldiers. I volunteered to send what I could but every weekend since, I've been busy with other stuff I haven't done anything. Finally, yesterday, I pulled out all of my craft supplies and got busy. Luckily, I already had about eight or nine made from various stamping parties that I have attended but had never used. Usually, if I make a card for a particular person, I like to make it with that person in mind.

Initially, I felt a bit stumped and not sure where to begin. As such, I stalled by organizing my stamps. I took a blank journal and made a stamp in it of all of my stamps. I guess you could call it a personal catalogue of my stamp collection, that way I don't have to dig through the drawer I keep them in to figure out what stamps I have. I also used a page for all the colors of stamp pads that I have. Now, I can just flip through the book instead of digging out a bunch of stuff. After that was done, I flipped through some of my idea books trying to come up with some ideas. I got the idea for the "hearts" card from a scrapbook magazine that I have. There was a picture of a background that had a basketweave made of vellum.

I ended up making quite a few cards yesterday. I am proud to say I have sixteen cards to send to Aunt Nub, just in the nick of time too. They are due in her hot little hands by the 1st! It's funny though because out of all the cards I made and had on hand my two favorites don't even use stamps. I guess like anything creative, it can be hit or miss sometimes. There are some that I really don't care for. They seem a bit hokey, or are too busy. I'm learning that for me simple is best. The worst part is always the clean up though. I have everything organized in containers but I start pulling this out and that out and the next thing you know I have stuff spread everywhere. I guess that's part of the reason I don't do it too often. The clean-up afterwards is a booger! But, I think I need to start doing my crafts more often. I realize afterI've spent some time doing it that I really miss it.

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