Wednesday, May 18, 2005

How Long Would You Wait In Line?

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Ever since the mudslides back in January, I have taken an alternate route to work because a portion of my old route has still not been opened up completely. At first I hated it, but I've become used to it. What I've learned is that the daily time it takes is longer but on average it is better because it is more predictable. However, sometimes going home can be pretty tough because my route takes me through Hollywood and if they have a premier, or something else going on, traffic in that area becomes intense. Typically, in the mornings I cut down Hollywood Blvd. in order to avoid the traffic back up a couple of blocks down at the high school.

One morning about a month or so ago, I noticed as I waited at the intersection in the picture above that there was a lean-to set up. The next morning tents appeared. I thought bums had camped out there and was wondering how they managed to do it without getting run off by the police. I figured maybe they allowed them to stay there over night so long as they packed up in the morning. However, I was wrong. Not long after, the news of who was camping out on Hollywood Blvd. hit the airwaves.

They were die-hard Star Wars fans camping out so they could be first in line for the movie. The story broke early locally because they were camping out in front of the wrong theater. In various interviews they were questioned why and the reason provided was because it was the original theater that the first Star Wars opened in and they believed that it should be the theater that the last of the series opened in. They held out hope that the publicity gods would smile down upon them and the venue would be changed. They were wrong but they waited nonetheless, some as many as 700+ hours.

How long would you wait in line? Me? Ten minutes, if that! For the full story on AOL's Moviefone, click here.

May the force be with you! Clearly it wasn't for them.

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