Friday, August 06, 2004

Weekend Assignment #18 - Tattoo You

Scalzi's Weekend Assignment is here. I haven't been motivated to play along lately. I thought about skipping this weekend too because I've already done an entry about my tattoo. But, I figure I could add a little something to the assignment. However, you'll have to click on the link to see the pics and an explanation of my tatoo. I didn't feel like re-entering it here.

Here's the assignment: Weekend Assignment #18: You have to get a tattoo. Explain what image you would choose and why -- and where you would put it.

Alternate Assignment: If you already have a tattoo, tell us what it is and why you got it. Extra Credit: Show us a representation of your would-be tattoo (any picture will do, not necessarily of a tattoo) or a picture of the tattoo you already have.

I would actually like to get two more tattoos. I've been thinking about it for a while. Maybe someday I'll do it, but no time soon. I've got other things I'd like to spend my money on first, like furniture and a new car. The two tats you ask? I'd like to get a Scorpion on my inner ankle of my right leg. Why my right leg? I'm not really sure. It just feels like the one to get it on. Maybe to balance out the fact that my rose is on my left shoulder. Why a Scorpion? My birthday is in November and it's my astrological sign.

I just thought of something. When I was a kid, I was stung by a Scorpion on my right foot. I stepped on the Scorpion so I guess it had every right to sting me, but it sure hurt like hell. It felt like a bee sting magnified times one thousand. It felt as if the stinger was the size of a pencil. Hey, I guess they are. Aren't they? Anyhow, maybe that's why I am leaning towards the right ankle as opposed to the left ankle.

Why the inner ankle as opposed to the outer? The area is flatter and I think would be easier to tattoo. Also, I don't want to draw too much attention to my ankles. I hate my ankles. Blame it on my brother Chris. When we were kids, he would makefun of me. I remember he told me one time that I don't have ankles that my calves go down to my feet. Unlike most women, I don't have thin tapered ankles. Mine are pretty thick. It doesn't matter how thin I am, it's my bone structure.

The other tattoo I would get would be on my lower back. I'm not really sure of the design. Probably something with a vine, maybe roses to match my shoulder tat. I don't wear those hip-hugger jeans because I have wide-hips and a small and high waist. Where I would get the tattoo would be much lower than my waist on that flat area right above, um, where the sun don't shine. Why? I think it would look sexy there. Plus, I wouldn't have to worry about covering it up.

That's the one thing I regret about getting my rose tat on my shoulder. I can't wear sleeveless blouses to work. We have a dress policy that forbids exposed tatoos. It's fine but a lot of shells that I wear under my suits are sleeveless. If I get too warm, I can't take my jacket off. The other day I had a mishap at work with our new coffee grinder where it spewed finely ground coffee all over the front of me. I was wearing a sleeveless blouse and was stuck having to leave my suit jacket on. The suit was a light green color and the coffee made it look like I had been rolling in the dirt. Lovely!


captgray2000 said...

I like temporary tattoo's only.  My niece, Erica (10) had a ball decorating each other with them.  I have a bird of paradise temp tat I should really put on this weekend after having it for at least five years. This is the weekend to do it.  I have to move on to a new life and the fake tat might get lost in the move.

barebytes said...

Never really been one for tattos. I've always enjoyed the female form for what it is without the decorations. Besides, they couldn't make you look more sexy than you already are. Hugs Lanny

ggal3133 said...

I've thought about it from time to time to get a tattoo but haven't gotten up the nerve yet.
Your ideas are great. Ben's bday is in November too.
IF I get one, it would be of a butterfly or a sunflower. I know...boring,lol

mlraminiak said...

At my age, and after having lost 30 pounds, there's not a spot on my body where the skin doesn't, well, sag.  Wondering how that would look if I had gotten a tattoo?  I guess any person should consider where they put their tattoo, and what it will look like when they're 80...LOL!  Lisa  :-]

readmereadyou said...

We have the sme ankles. I wear slacks all of the time! But I'm to chicken for tatoos! : )

heartsingr said...

I have thick ankles, too.  Heck, right now I have thick everything!  LOL  I like the rose.  Very pretty.

indigosunmoon said...

When I lose all my weight, I want to get a
faerie tattoo!  Somewhere inconspicuous
though. LOL

plieck30 said...

I know that hurt from a scorpion sting. I stepped right down on one when I was a kid. I begged my mom and dad to take me to the hospital. lol I can just see a tatto on my swollen ankle, but I have my future cane all figured out. It will have a pink rose with the green stem with thorns winding all the way down. Paula

derossetfamily said...

Wish I had a digital camera, otherwise I'd do the assignment. I have a tattoo on my left inner ankle, its a sun like design with the name Evan hidden into it, you have to find his name, its intertwined into the whole spiel. Yeah, so thats why a digital camera would be nice, I'm terrible at explaining stuff lol! I remember your tattoo entry, actually. That really stinks about having it exposed, I'll probably be stuck in long pants for the rest of my career for that same reason. I like the idea of a scorpion, I've thought about getting a Leo tattoo somewhere, someday...they're kind of addicting! :)

his1desire said...

i've got all my tattoos hidden too .. we don't have a policy at my office, its just something that is extremely personal for me .. i actually pick out the position of each tattoo based on if they're covered by clothes .. i can even wear a once piece bathing suit and none of them show !! sadly i'm running out of hideable places lol
i love the idea behind the scorpion tattoo !! hopefully someday you'll be able to get it !!
thanks for sharing

rrveh1 said...

Robbie-all cool entries-wishing your Mom wellness!!
Congrats on people connection-

I like your color layout and sidebar-Very nice!!

Interesting about the tattoo- work policy-
Of course, your Journal is always full of interest!!!

txsguinan said...

That calve-to-ankle affliction you refer to is what is known as a "cankle".  I learned this, and so much more by watching "America's Top Model," a veritable encyclopedia of useful information.  

Sign me,
a fellow sufferer  :)

musenla said...

I still remember your tattoo entry.  It's amazing how many people responded to this assignment from the Scalzimeister; last time I checked he received almost 200 comments and/or links about it.

I'm a wuss when it comes to tattoos.  I guess I sitll remember the traumatic experience of having my ears pierced when I was a kid.  My mother told me I trashed and fidgeted so much that one of the piercings ended up much lower than the other.

freeepeace said...

Ooooh, go for the scorpion.  Very symbolic.  I have a great tattoo artist to recommend if you need one.  I'm headed for a sacrum tat myself.  Soon.