Friday, May 28, 2004

Scalzi's Weekend Assignment - Or is it?

Good Grief! What a horrible day it has been! Alas, I come to journal-land and take refuge. Reading journals and reading the comments left here by those kind enough to do so gives me much needed solice from the woe's of the work-day. Thank you!!!

So, it's time for another Scalzi's Weekend Assignment. Where does the time fly? It seems like only last week I put the celebrity collage together. But, it wasn't, that was two weeks ago and I have even missed an assignment during that time.  Yes, I do realize that this week's assignment is about vacations. However, I recently talked about my favored place, which is Greece. As such, and as is typical of me, I will bend the rules, once again, and do things a little differently. I am going back in time and catching the Weekend Assignment that I missed.

So.....back by MY demand is Weekend Assignment #6 in which the Blogmeister asks: Tell us about your best friend in second grade.  Where is he or she now? Do you still keep in touch? (Extra credit: show any pictures of yourself from second grade.)

I should probably confess now that the picture is from first grade not second. I'm missing second, and tenth for that matter, but tenth REALLY isn't a loss. Trust me! And, since I'm breaking rules, I figure I'll just get jiggy with it and talk about a girl who really wasn't my best-friend, at least my foggy memory does not recall fond memories of being forced to occupy space with her. Heck, I'm not even sure we were talking by second grade. By second grade, I clearly remember Michelle Boucher and Stephanie Cris being my best friends, amongst others. But,  I have a picture of Zoe and I even at one point found a recent picture of her online. But, it seems the website has been changed, or I forgot to save it.

You see, I grew up in an idealic beach community in Florida until my grandmother's death in 1978, at which time we returned to Pennsylvania. Zoe and I were friends by default. We were in Brownies together and dance classtogether. I even vaguely remember her in Kindergarten. Heck, if pictures don't lie, then it looks like we even went trick-or-treating one year. But, I have not one fond memory of her. What I remember is being forced to hang out with her and make nice-nice. And, that was no easy task. The girl was a spoiled brat! But, like I said, my memory is foggy and it could have been me who was the brat. But, do you really think so? Ha! And, no, the recent picture that I found of Zoe wasn't from a porn-site. Although, a girl I knew in high school apparently had high aspirations and went on to become a madam at the best lil' whorehouse in Texas. No, the picture I found of Zoe was from one of the sites I found about Flagler Beach. She was a city council person, or Chamber of Commerce person, or something equally important. The amazing thing is that she looks EXACTLY the same way! Life just isn't fair sometimes.

Now, let me figure a way to tie this back to the true topic for the week. I plan on taking a vacation later this year and visiting this little town.  I haven't been there since I left in 1978. Maybe I should look up Zoe and find out who really was the brat.

(Editors Note: Please forgive my spelling, and grammar for that matter. I'm too tired to worry about it tonight)


deabvt said...

Great Pics!

ggal3133 said...

Great pics and entry. It seems like there is always one growing up that your parents force you to make nice with. It would be fun looking her up and seeing what shes up to.
I hope you have a better day today :)

stephweiss said...

What an adorable kid!! I love the little white party dress that makes you look like a Princess Bride. You should go on vacation, and Scalzi should give you extra credit for managing to tie together two assignments, even if one was late.

sistercdr said...

You were such a little cutie! That's no surprise, though.

aims814 said...

aw, Robbie...too cute! :) I can remember being forced to play with kids I didn't really want to entertain.. What was that all about? I don't know anyone who makes their children do that anymore. All of our childhood not-so-fond memories of having to, I suppose :) Hmm, I'm wondering how many friends I 'really' had :P
I'm trying to figure out where that beach is. Oh, I'll follow the link ... Great job, with your two week combo entry here! Maybe I'll try that [if i have the time] Hey, we're all about breaking the rules. Enjoy your weekend!

lamove04 said...

love the pics... am relating to the girl in black for some strange reason!  I once spent an insane two week period googling everyone I'd ever met in my life. Amazing what I found, and didn't find. This was even before I found out that googling was a verb, lol!   --Albert

jayveesonata said...

Your cute pictures got me thinking about second grade. I was in Glendora, California. Can't remember having a best friend then, but I do remember a rotten boy in my class named Jackie who used to take pleasure in beating me up. One day I gave him a bloody nose, & he never picked on me again. Wherever he is now, I hope he thinks about his aching nose one in awhile and remembers me......( I shudder to think how long I can hold a grudge!).....Jon

xzasporated1 said...

My favorite rule is that when the rules just aren't working for ya, change the stinkin' rules.  I agree that you deserve the extra credit for so seamlessly weaving the two assignments together and for including such adorable photos.

I always so enjoy your journal.  ~~ Jennifer

karensull12 said...

Robbie, I think my favorite line is that you have not one fond memory of her!!!  You are just too funny for words...

goldenchildnc said...

That's my girl! Break those rules! LOL! I would have a hard time remembering someone I didn't care for. Especially from first or second grade. It's hard enough rememebring the names of family memebers. LOL!

ckays1967 said...

oh Robbie I just adore you!!!!

How much you crack me up with all your rule bending, friend or foe, brat or not, jiggy with it rambling!!!!

Maybe we are long lost siblings.  :)

Very cute entry!

slowmotionlife said...

Awwww... little Robbie!!!  So fickin cute!  I swear, I haven't seen even ONE ugly kiddie photo in AOL-J.  LOL You were absolutely adorable.  You haven't changed much either, though.  :D

musenla said...

Whew, what a relief to know that I'm not the only one to have hazy memories of second grade.  The funny thing is I remember earlier things in my life but not much about second grade for some reason.

It's a treat for me to see pictures of old in the journals during this assignment.  Let me just say you looked adorable!

krobbie67 said...

VINCE: Thanks!  It’s hard to believe I was ever that small. But there I am.

GGAL: Yeah, who knows why that happens but it did. Luckily, it wasn’t too often that someone was forced upon me. Last week just never got better but I still hold out hope for this week. I wish it were something I could talk about here but it’s an employee related situation.

STEPHWEISS: That is actually a ballet costume. Funny though, I guess I do look like a little bride. I loved my dance costumes. They were so much fun.

CYNTHIA: Aw! Thank you. Are kids ever anything but cute though?

MIA: I’m glad people don’t force their kids together. I’m not sure why I ever was maybe it was just by default since we were in so many things together. Flagler Beach is about 20 miles north of Daytona on A1A. Beautiful quiet beach community back then. I’m not sure if it still is though.

ALBERT: I’ve thought about looking up some old friends. I know a couple I had located on Maybe this summer. I promised a buddy from Basic that I would help her track down some people once my schedule cleared up some though.

JON: He might be holding a grudge against you for that bloody nose! I say let by-gones be by-gones.

JENNIFER: I’m all about breaking rules. After all this is my journal dang nabbit! I’ll be back around yours real soon. I’m getting oh so very close to being all caught up. Woohoo!!!

KAREN: Glad I could bring a smile to your face. Funny but true. I couldn’t stand the chick, at least that’s what I remember.

krobbie67 said...

GREGG: That’s right daddy Gregg. You taught me well. ;-D

CHRISTINA: Who knows maybe we are??? I always told my mom that I must have been adopted. My family is just too weird for me and that’s saying a lot seeing as how I’m not all that normal.

SLO: I don’t think there’s a kid I’ve met or seen a photo of that I didn’t think was cute. There’s just something about kids that makes you go aw!!

MUSE: It’s strange because I remember less about 2nd grade then I do earlier times of my life but even still it’s all pretty sketchy for me.