Sunday, May 30, 2004

Black & White

Several in J-Land do weekly entries based on the PhotoFriday Challenge. I really don't know the details yet. I haven't had a chance to read their "rules." (just like me to do things MY way) I will eventually, once I'm caught up on all my journals. I still have 40+ to go. The challenge is to stay caught up with the ones I am caught up with while catching up with the ones that I am not caught up with. (if that made any sense to you, I commend you for being able to follow my scattered thoughts) Anyhow, the challenge this week according to Babyshark and Freeepeace, is "Black & White"

I have my new camera and want to learn how to use it but really don't quite have the time yet. So, I didn't think I would do the challenge this week. But, as I was cleaning the stench out of my apartment yesterday (my life is a mess by the end of the semester - trust me I do not exaggerate when I say stench), I came upon this mask that a friend of mine made for me 10+ years ago. And, I had an ah-ha moment. It's Black & White! I put it on a white background and started snapping away at it from different angles. I thought it looked boring all by it's lonesome so I made a collage of some of the different angles.

I love this mask and the fact that it was made by a friend, makes it all the more beautiful to me. I hope you enjoy it.


sistercdr said...

Not only did I follow your train of thought about catching up and staying caught up, I've done it myself.  Cool mask.

mlraminiak said...

Veddy creative!  The mask is wonderful, and your collage makes it all the more interesting.  Welcome back!  Lisa  :-]

mlraminiak said...

BTW, Robbie...I have a question. How do you get our text to wrap around your pictures in your journal entries?  I'm pretty stupid when it comes to figuring this stuff out.  Lisa  :-]

ggal3133 said...

Nice picture, love the mask and how you made it into a collage!

karensull12 said...

Great picture Robbie!  Way to go!

goldenchildnc said...

The masks are cute! I always see stuff about the photo challenge but dont' know the specifics either. Just as well. I'm not really the photo-taking type. :-) You did great!

snkwarren said...

Very pretty and the detailing is something!  Kristi

lisbnjvi said...

Very neat way to display your black and white mask!!  Your journal never ceases to interest me and keep me entertained.  I never have a chance to do the weekend "assignments", plus they require too much thought that I am not about to try!  I can hardly remember yesterday, nevermind 2nd grade!!  And, places I want to go?  Well, I like Connecticut just fine.  I am soooo boring aren't I?!  Good luck on the catching up on journals, you are doing just fine (since I see comments from you in mine)!!!
Hugs and love, Lisa

lisita15 said...

Just wanted to let you know...VERY COOL!!!! Hope you had a nice holiday weekend!!! lisita

indigosunmoon said...

Very cool pic Robbie!

plieck30 said...

Very interesting black and white. Paula

sepintx said...

I like masks. Lots of detail, I like the collage.
I've been skipping photofriday lately, I kinda like to let my camera lens wander and shoot as I find something, anything. Good goal about staying on top of Journals. I try, I really do. Always behind.

Have fun with the camera as it makes learning the features easier!

uberdude333 said...

I like the head masks very cool oeder out of chaos like

deabvt said...

Wow, Robbie!  Great Pic!

lannyhugs said...

I like that picture of you! It shows you're class and your sillyness all in one.

slowmotionlife said...

Interesting black and white mask!  I love masks.  I actually own a great black mardi gras mask - very sexah!  LOL  I can see that you're having lots of fun with your new cam.  Aren't they a blast??  I couldn't live without mine.  I bring it with me to the bathroom, for Christ sake!  I'm serious... completely, insanely, disgustingly serious. LOL

musenla said...

Great photo collage.  The mask is distinctive, does your friend paint masks for a living?  You should submit this to the Photo Friday web site.

I'm having problems catching up with journals, too.  Alas, my longstanding practice of answering every comment will probably have to stop.  I'd rather spend my time reading others' journals than writing separate responses to comments.

mw15mw99 said...

This is a great 'Black and White' picture.

lamove04 said...

The collage makes it look like some cool tribal ritual going on. I'm amazed your friend made it-- the mask looks like something you'd have to travel to Indonesia to buy... --Albert

krobbie67 said...

CYNTHIA: I’m so glad someone understands me. Sometimes I fear I talk in circles and make no sense at all.

MLRAMINIAK-LISA: It’s great to be back. No more journal jonesing for me. :-D

GGAL: I had to do something to liven it up. It’s going to take a while for me to get the hang of my editing software and my camera but it should be fun.

KAREN: Thanks!

GREGG: It’s actually only one mask taken at different angles. Thanks!

KRISTI: Yes, I think my friend did a wonderful job with the detailing.

LISBNJVI – LISA: I like the assignments because they make me think. Journaling for me has always been about digging beneath the surface. But, it’s a very unique and personal thing. Your way of doing it is great too. I love seeing the pictures of your everyday life. Not boring at all!!

LISITA: Thanks. Dang, I just realized my Bloglines is messing with me again. I just finished in there and your journal didn’t show any updates on it but I know I need to swing by there. Shoot!

CONNIE: Thanks! I am definitely a beginner though.

krobbie67 said...

PAULA: Thanks! It might not be what was intended but it’s what I came up with. I need to go dig at the website one of these days and figure out what it’s all about.

SEPINTX: I kind of like the Photofriday thing so that it will help me think outside the box. Otherwise, you’ll get lots of boring pics of the same old thing from me.

UBER: Thanks! Seems more like chaos out of order since I really crowded up the pic but it just looked so stark all by its lonesome.

VINCE: Thanks! Is there a picture you don’t like?

LANNY: Thanks. Indeed I am silly but what’s life without a good laugh, or two, or three?

SLO: In the bathroom? Well, I’d say never but the shot of my tattoo is from the bathroom mirror. I learned that trick from you, by the way. But, I’ll leave the pooh-pooh art to you and Lotsamoe. :-p

MUSE: No he doesn’t do this for a living. He actually works in various mediums and tried to earn a living as an artist but found himself getting minimum wage jobs as a caricaturist. Now, he works in customer service for a check printing company. He is so talented though. It’s a crying shame.

KATE: Thanks! I’m still learning and messing around. The process is slow going though.

ALBERT: That’s one of the reasons that I like it so much. It’s very unique. I believe that is actually caste from his face too!