Saturday, April 03, 2004

~~~~~~~~~~ Trish Monaco ~~~~~~~~~~

First a note about the above graphic: In literature, there are great works of art by Hemingway, Steinbeck, and the ilk, that are condensed by hacks into bite-size pieces called "Cliff-notes."  Slomo created an incredible website that I have done a "Cliff-notes"  version of recreating. However, just like the great works, the original is always better. So, please go to Trish's site and explore the great work that Slomo has created.

I first heard about Trish Monaco through her journal here in J-land. I never listened to her Monday music entries because it takes too long to download on dial-up. Thenin December, she was going to be performing live. It was a great opportunity for me to finally hear her music. Alas, it was a busy time for me. I was finishing up the semester at school, moving to new digs, and going on a trip to Texas. All of this was occurring within one week's time! As such, I would have to miss her gig. However, J-land did not let her down and showed its support in many ways. One of which, was that Amused went to the show and even took pictures for Trish to share with us.

When Trish Monaco launched her website, I was in the middle of my vacation and promised I would order her CD when I returned to California. Like usual, time escaped me and I didn't get around to ordering the CD until late January. After receiving and listening to her CD, I was floored by the talent of this womanThen along came the announcement of another gig for Ms. Monaco. I was determined that this one I would not miss.

Trish was scheduled to perform two songs in a variety show at The M Bar in Hollywood.  It was a benefit performance to raise money for a group of comedic performers, called "Tomboys in Fishnets" who need to raise capital to produce their next show. I'm always open to supporting the artistic endeavors of those trying to stake their claim on fortune and fame. Being Los Angeles, there are lots of them out there. 

Wednesday arrived. I went to Kevin's after work to change into an appropriate rock-head outfit. You know the type: tight black jeans, and body-hugging top, with a little black jacket to boot. We arrived at the M Bar early so we could grab a bite to eat and I could chill out after a treacherous day at work by sipping on an Apple Martini. Trish arrived a short time later. I introduced her to Kevin and she went off to do her thing. Having dated a musician before, I knew the best thing I could do for Trish was to stay out of her way and not lurk around expecting her to entertain me. After all, I was there to support her, not the other way around.  It was her night and what a great night it was!


The M Bar is a little hole in the wall bar/restaurant. It's really quite romantic in an old Hollywood kind of way. There are mirrors and red, velvet curtains lining the walls. The stage is surrounded by tables and on the outer ring are big luxurious red cushy booths.  Kevin and I found a table and proceeded to enjoy the ambience and good food before the show started.


As we finished eating, the show began. Two singers performed before Trish took the stage. Then Trish's time in the spotlight arrived. Her first song was one I hadn't heard on her CD. As such, I was quite thrilled to hear something new.  Trish then began singing what I thought was another song that I had not heard, when in actuality it was only an intro into her song, "Walls of Pain." The intro she sang, I later found out was taken from the Blackeyed Peas' song, "Where is the Love."   I had heard it before but Trish's rendition was so heartfelt and raw that I didn't recognize it.  I leaned over to Kevin and said, "This is going to sound really cheesy and stupid, but I've got goose-bumps." He said, "Oh my God, so do I!"


In a journal entry of Trish's from December, she wrote: "I always get the feeling I need to rush through my set so everyone can get on with the things in their lives that they'd rather be doing.  As if they're all held captive in the audience."  Not having heard her music yet, I replied to that entry with this comment:  "There's a difference between being held captive and being captivated." Now, I can back that statement up by experience. Her performance had Kevin and I captivated from start to finish. I believe she received the most applause and cheers for the night. I know I was hooting and hollering with hopes that she would perform an encore. Unfortunately, since there were so many more acts to follow, we were left with only a tease of two songs.   The rest of the night was good too and you can read more about it in Trish's journal entry.  But, don't leave me just yet. There's more that I have to say.


Breaking into showbiz is tough!!! People who don't live out here think it's easy to be discovered. The old saying, "It's not what you know, but who you know" couldn't be truer than in  Los Angeles. The music industry has gotten even tougher. They don't care how talented you are any more. It's all about whether you have a bottled bubble-gum image that they can sell. Most performers aren't even all that talented musically. Someone else writes their songs. They lip-sink to studio tracks that are dubbed over with all kinds of tricks and doo-dahs. The truly talented go unnoticed. Trish is one of those truly talented individuals. I'm not saying that someday she won't be recognized but I think that the voice of the people should be heard, that "we the people" should do something about it, that Trish Monaco should be heard on the airwaves and not have to wait another ten years to have it happen.


You're probably thinking: "What can I do about it?  I've bought her teaser CD. I'm a nobody. I don't know anyone in the record industry."  Well, I believe word of mouth is powerful!!! And, the internet has increased that power exponentially.  This is my suggestion and I hope you'll take me up on this. If you haven't bought her teaser CD yet, go now to her website and buy it. It's only $7 and worth every penny. In this day and age, $7 is practically nothing. I spend more in one pop at Starbucks on something that will last me maybe a half-hour, while music will last as long as the CD stands up to my wear and tear, which is much much longer than a half hour. For those of you who have already purchased her CD, go now and buy another one. Give the CD to a friend and ask that if they enjoy it to pay you back by purchasing another CD and to pass that CD along to a friend with the same request attached.


Trish didn't put me up to this. I must confess I am selfishly motivated in my request. The sale of the teaser CD is a means for Trish to raise the necessary funds to complete the recording of her full CD. I want to hear more of Trish's tunes. I want her to be able to finish. I want everyone to hear what a great talented songwriter and singer she is. I want the voice of the people to drown out the music marketing execs who think they know what people want by putting our music into nice, neat little packages. Now go... 


karensull12 said...

Robbie, you talked me into it. I, like you, keep telling myself I will visit her site "later." This is a great write up. It must have been so exciting to listen to her sing. You are not the only one who has raved about Ms. Monaco. She must be wonderful!!!

babyshark28 said...

very in depth, insightful, showing every possible angle on this evening you spent with this fabulous,Trish Monaco. this entry was written in a backstage journalist form, it was really great! full of very useful, interesting tid bits. I felt like I was part of the audience, and because I cannot be, it made me feel like I was. thank you. great entry! love your little Trish Monaco collage. :)

aims814 said...

Robbie-I was glued to this entry! Made me wish even more that I could be there, and I'm very thankful that you could be there to represent :all: of us! Her fans, her friends. I agree with you, her cd is a MUST have! Trish has a style of her own. She writes from the heart. I can :feel: her emotiions and make them my own through her music; her soul is brought forth when she sings. Trish has a very powerful voice, and don't even get me started on how she plays the guitar, like she was born with that thing in her hands! Stephen and I listen to her cd several times a week. She is a star!

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Robbie ~
What a great, great way to tell Trish how we ALL feel about her. I listen to her CD all the time. Like I told her, I even know all the words by heart now. Of course, I sound like poo when I sing, so I'd never let HER hear me. LOL

However, I was already thinking of buying a couple more of her CD's as gifts for people. It would be nice to say that I actually know the artist and have talked to her on the phone. <grin>

I'm just so envious that you actually got to be there! Thanks for representing AOL-J Land. One of these days I'll get to see her perform live. In the meantime, I'll let you fill me in on all the juicy details. Thanks so much for this entry. It was awesome. And the graphics are great too!

lisbnjvi said...

I'm going, I'm going!!! I only have a savings account though, but I will get myself a money order and send it to Trish so I too can have one of these "teaser" c.d.'s. After hearing your review, I can't wait to hear her!!! Isn't J-land great for promoting this type of thing?! As I always say, support fellow journalers, it's a great way to get word of mouth out there!
Hugs and love, Lisa

txsguinan said...

Great "backstage ~ behind the music" entry! I felt like I was there...and really wish I could have been. It's so terrific for emerging performing artists to have good friends in the audience lending their enthusiastic support...and when the artist is as talented as Trish must be, everybody wins!... :)

freeepeace said...

Ohh Robbie - I am honored and humbled. I read this yesterday and was crying tears of gratitude. It left me speechless. I appreciate your support on so many levels. I hope you know that. This tops your first review of the CD - and I just didn't think that was possible. Thank you. Your friendship is priceless. Love, Trish.

dymphna103 said...

Yes she does have great music. As soon as I get moved I plan to order john

slowmotionlife said...

What a beautiful and thorough review of the night, Robbie. I have to admit, just READING this, I had goosebumps. I KNOW the power of her music, her voice, her message. I love her as a musician and as a person. I can't WAIT to see her perform live. I think your suggestions are fantastic. And I feel sooo proud and honored that she would let me help her with her website and cd cover. Because I know one day she's going to be a HUGE star. And I can say, "Yeah, I did her first site and CD cover. That was me!" Like you, it's selfish. LOL Bring on the music!

ondinemonet said...

Trish is very special to me as well...I always feel happy when I think of her. :)

musenla said...

Bravi, great entry Robbie!  This was surely worth the wait.  Your description of the evening brought me there, it's as if I saw the show with you.  

I totally understand how Trish can give you goosebumps, esp. with that song which is my favorite of hers.  I don't think I can ever hear Walls of Pain without tearing up.  The pipes on that woman, I tell ya.  

Excellent idea on paying the CD forward.  I have a couple of her CDs myself and plan to give it to my closest friends.  Her songs are too good not to share.

What?  No mention of the streakers?!  =P

krobbie67 said...

TXSGUINAN: Thanks! She is very talented indeed! And, yes I feel like a winner by knowing her and hope that she feels the same.

LISA: I have a very diverse taste in music but I think you and I have some of the same tastes. So I really think you would like her music a lot. I hope you do get a copy. And, yeah, I like supporting journalers too. It’s so much nicer knowing that your money supports a real live human being instead of some corporate exec. I know there’s others out there that I am keeping in mind when the need arises for gifts and what not. And, I wouldn’t have heard about them if it weren’t for people like you who ventured to try their product and then wrote an entry about it.
BRIDGETT: Thanks. And, yes! Buy more. Spread the word!

MIA: She has a great stage presence too! I don’t know if it was the venue, or the fact that I know her but she really brought me in as an audience member. And, yeah, she has a great way of expressing emotions through her music and I think even more so when she is live. You can tell she is singing from her heart!

BABYSHARK: Ah thanks! I was so afraid I talked too much about me but I really wanted to give it a first person kind of feel.

KAREN:  She is VERY good!!!! I give lip service to no one or nothing. Hopefully, you went over and checked things out.

krobbie67 said...

MUSE: Glad I could make you feel a part of the night, as I’m sure you would have been there if you could have. After all, you’re the original. No mention of streakers! I left that tidbit out to spare my brother the coronary.

CARLY: Yeah! She’s a pretty special chick!

SLO: Wow, goosebumps from reading it!! Maybe one of these days she’ll be sooo big that she has to take it out on tour so she can hit your neck of the woods. You can then do the “I’m with the band” act and make everyone jealous that you know the one and only Trish Monaco superstar. I’m so glad you liked the review. I was so nervous about butchering your graphics that I had an anxiety attack before posting this entry. I think it even delayed it half a day.

JOHN: Please do! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all!
FREEE: Will this make up for the $2.00 I owe you??? Are we even now? Yah know, cause that’s what this was about. ;-) I think you are pretty priceless too girl!

lamove04 said...

Robbie: As someone way over the age of Britney and her peers, who wants to make it big, or even medium, one day (see my screenname!) I appreciated your insights on Hollywood and the music industry. I think it's wonderful to see your support of an aspiring musical artist and fellow Journaler, Trish.  --Albert