Monday, April 05, 2004

Monday Morning Ramblings

I have had a sinus headache for about two weeks now. It's beginning to get the best of me and really drag me down. It drains my energy. I wanted to go for a hike this weekend but just didn't have the energy. The nice thing about daylight savings time though is that I can go after work now if I want to. So, maybe if this thing ever breaks, I'll go this week. If not, there's always next weekend.

I have off from school this week. Yeah!!! But, I have a lot of reading to do. I pretty much vegged this weekend and didn't get much of my school work done. So.... I guess I'll have to make up for it this week. I have a presentation to give next Tuesday. Or, maybe I should say, I need to teach the class. Each of us had to select a reading assignment to present to the class. The presentation must be an hour long. When the professor said this, I quipped that I could read the story to the class in that amount of time. Way too long!! I hate when teachers do this. What it amounts to is that we will be teaching each other. I'm not studying to be a teacher! I've taken two communications classes and have given umpteen presentations. I don't need to practice this skill anymore!!! He calls it "Seminar Format."  I call it "Students Doing Your Job Format."

Besides being behind on my journal readings, I realized I'm also behind on answering comments. I'm slowly knocking those out too. Hopefully, tonight I'll finish catching them up. I'm almost all caught up on my journal readings. I save the ones I'm most behind on for last. I guess because I figure they will take me the longest, I always save them for last.

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A lot of journals have been doing entries called "100 Things About Me." I thought about doing it but got distracted by the time I hit 25. If I'm bored with it at that point, I figure everyone else would be bored by the time they got to 10.  Although, I did find everyone else's entries quite interesting. However, I figure if you read my older entries, you will find close to 100 things about me. But, I thought I would think of something that I might not think of to make an entry about. So, here's 1 Thing About Me.

We had a pet Peacock when I was a kid. It's name was "Blue Boy" or "Pretty Boy," or something like that. It wasn't exactly a pet per se. It appeared out of no where and lived in our yard. It came and went as it pleased, but never really went far. My mom would let it in the house every now and then. It would roost at night in the trees surrounding our house. We lived in Florida at the time. It was the best "guard dog" a person could have. No one came in our yard without us knowing about it. It would chase other animals away if they tried to come near our property. Eventually, we found out that it had escaped from a farm and we returned it to its rightful owners.


slowmotionlife said...

LoL.. a pet peacock! That's indeed one for the 100 things!  You've had a lot going on. I certainly don't envy you. And I can relate on falling behind in journals.  I'm just now getting caught up, myself.  So tomorrow, beta goes perm?  Kewl.  No more 2500 messages for me!  I never need to go that far over.. but I hate editing.  Blah.  So goodie!  :D

alphawoman1 said...

I'm unable to read the beta entry until I get home. Library will not go there for some reason. When I was in college at Uof L, the business community told the school that the students they were gradualting lacked writing and presentations skills. Every class I had in business school included a paper with a presentation! Yuck.

queenz43 said...

Hey Robbie. I think you and I have been dealing with the same headache. Yuck!!! Love, love, love, the graphics and so glad that you have some time off from school this week. Hope your presentation goes well. Trying to do the journal catch-up thing myself so that's it for this time. See ya on the next round~RC~

ondinemonet said...

Hello, this is my first visit here. I found you by way of Slomo girl. This is a lovely journal and I will bevisiting again soon. Oh BTW I have been fighting a headche for 10 weeks now, I so understand how you are feeling. Take care. Carly :)

karensull12 said...

I hope you're feeling better.  Are you on medication?  I know that sinus infections can be difficult to get rid of.  Have a great week off.  Don't thing we're going to let your slide with the peacock story.  You owe us 99 more...(I agree that it is tedius)

ckays1967 said...

Please click here for the entire entry. <--- Starting tomorrow, I won't have to remember to type this. Woohoo!!!

That means tomorrow I'll be able to read the whole entry! Yippee!!!! Doin' a little jig.

I don't think my 100 things would hold my interest or anyone else's either but the others have been neat.

deabvt said...

Robbie, Just great Graphics!

quroboros said...

Man, that's a graphic image. Before I even read what your entry was about, I thought "that picture reminds me of one of my migraines." I know of some good homeopathic remedies for headache if you want to email me. Feel better soon! ¤Holly

hillareeday said...

This is my second time to your journal! I see your comments everywhere so I thought I would check it out. I really like it a lot. Great pics too!

miarenee24 said...

Hi RObbie-Speaking of  being behind on journals! I am SO far behind myself. I have been trying for the last few weeks to comment on my comments, but won't even attempt it until the weekly five thing is over bc I can either comment, or go visit each journal who left a link in mine, and I'd much rather read those other journals this week.

Sinus headache? ME TOO! It's been awful. Hubby and I both have been having them. I think Stephen has too, he's been rubbing his head. So we've been taking sinus headache meds and vegging out too.

If you do the 100 things, I'd like to read it. :)

Pet peacock? How cool was that? Neat!
Love, Mia

dymphna103 said...

Peacocks are good for gurading.  My 92 year old uncle has them and swears by them.  Sometimes when I get behind I just  go oh well let me just maintain what I have at the moment  john

snkwarren said...

Now, that is an unusual pet, I have heard they are very intimidating to other animals and kick up a rutkiss around people.  Couldn't you just imagine a 'junkyard peacock' instead of the traditional dog!  Kristi

barebytes said...

I'd be very much interested in reading your 100 things about you. I for one wouldn't and couldn't be bored reading them. So please finish them and post. Big hugs Lanny

lisbnjvi said...

It always makes me mad that the male species of certain birds gets the pretty colors and females are just dull colors.  What's up with that anyway?!  You should have seen my face when I found out that the beautiful peacock at the zoo with the big feathers all fanned out was actually a male!  I was devastated for weeks!!  It should have just given me a quick lesson on life right then and there right?  Sorry about you not feeling well.  Hope you do very soon!
Hugs and love, Lisa

goldenchildnc said...

First, to answer Lisa's question, MOST species fo males are actually more colorful than the females becaused they have to vie for the female's attention. It's you own fault. LMAO!

Now I'm sorry about the sinus thing you've got going on. And dont' even talk to me about being behind. LOL! I dont' think I'm ever gonna catch up! That brid's beautiful! But you do know that his shriek could kill you right? I mean LITERALLY kill you by bursting your ear drums! I'm not kidding. Keep your distance. :-)

goldenchildnc said...

First, to answer Lisa's question, MOST species fo males are actually more colorful than the females becaused they have to vie for the female's attention. It's you own fault. LMAO!

Now I'm sorry about the sinus thing you've got going on. And dont' even talk to me about being behind. LOL! I dont' think I'm ever gonna catch up! That brid's beautiful! But you do know that his shriek could kill you right? I mean LITERALLY kill you by bursting your ear drums! I'm not kidding. Keep your distance. :-)

mw15mw99 said...

Robbie, I get really bad headaches, I feel for you!! especially with all that reading you have to do.
DAYLIGHT Savings Time is GREAT!!!!  There are so many hiking trails that my girls and I are going to check out and we won't go when it is dark. Hope you get to go soon.
YOUR 100 things would be Great!!! Not boring at all. But with every entry you have MY attention.
Hope you feel better and I hope that you can have a little down time over your break.
:) Kate

krobbie67 said...

Anyone else having problems adding entries today? I've tried three times today and it says journals are unavailable when I hit "save." :-) ---Robbie

musenla said...

Gosh, migraines are such a pain, and that's not a pun.  I had a classmate once who suffered from it, and was debilitated enough that she would miss class for days.  Isn't there any treatment for migraines?  

I guess your teacher is trying to sponge off you guys.  Pretty sneaky, although I gotta admit that as a student I loved "teaching" the class.  Beats listening to boring lectures and honestly, when you have to teach a class, you do have to know your stuff (that's me, Ms. Overachiever!).

A pet peacock, wow!  Now that's a really cool thing to know about you.  I'm sorry you had to return him/her; I'm surprised you didn't buy him from his owner.  Sounds like a very useful pet and gorgeous to look at, too!

krobbie67 said...

CARLY: I read about your headache, but didn’t realize that it has been going on for 10 weeks! Sheesh! I sure hope relief comes for you soon. :::sigh:::

RC: Yeah! Yucko to the ‘ol sinus headaches. Just when I think it’s gonna break it whams me yet again. Dust is my biggest trouble maker and I think California is probably the dustiest place I have ever lived and then there is the smog! Aaack! Thanks for the kudos on the graphics. They are both from a stock photo CD that I have but the one of the woman I altered.

MARY: Yup! Pretty much the same thing here. Communication skills were lacking, that and teamwork cause every freakin class requires group assignments too! However, in the program that I am a part of, most of us are working in the real world already. We’ve developed the skills on the job! Heck, a presentation would be fine even. But when every class is a group presentation of the material that we are covering, it leaves me to believe that the teacher is slacking.

SLO: It’s amazing how wonderfully nice the expanded word limit is. I’m all for making the best use of words but sometimes I’ve ruined entries but editing them to death. I don’t think I’ll ever be caught up on journals. At least, not until I’m done with school!

krobbie67 said...

MIA: Ah! Even Stephen has the sinus crap going on! I’m so sorry to hear that! Yeah! I think being behind on journals is the official war cry now! And, it’s so hard to decide which to do first. Sometimes I feel like I’m filling a bucket with a teaspoon. :::sigh:::

HILAREEDAY: Second time? I hope I didn’t overlook a comment. Hopefully, like me, you were just a lurker. Sorry!!! I’m horrible about that. Thanks and thanks! I love your stories about Mitch!! Gives me hope! :-)

HOLLY: Still waiting on those homeopathic remedies woman! Please tell me it wasn’t Eucalyptus! LOL!!! Thanks for the graphic kudos. I love it when a picture speaks to me so clearly too!

VINCE: Thanks! I’ve been manipulating pictures. It’s cool what the end product turns out to be. Although, the peacock is as it is on the stock CD.

CHRISTINA: Puhlease! I bet you have much more than 100 to tell. But, yeah, it’s a toughy to sit down and knock out.

KAREN: Still suffering as of tonight but dealing with it. I’m doing mostly over the counter meds. The docs out here don’t seem to be very aggressive. My docs in Dallas were soooo much better! See just seeing 99 turns me off. I even tried it again and only got to about 10. I think part of it is that I feel like I’m revealing too much all in one swoop. Too scary for me.

krobbie67 said...

MUSE: They aren’t actually migraines. It’s sinus congestion but I can’t seem to get a doctor out here to prescribe the meds for me that I used when I lived in Dallas. They just don’t seem to take it all that serious here since so many people have the problem. I don’t mind the presentations too much. What I mind is doing his job and suffering through everyone else’s presentation! ;-) Yah know I think my mom did try to buy the bird but the farmer wouldn’t sell him. He offered a pick from the next hatching but by that time we had moved.

KATE: Thanks! I’ve actually taken tooo much down time during this break. It’s been all about journaling. Shame on me! I can’t wait to see the pics you take from your hikes!

GREGG: Always the helpful one! Thanks for enlightening us all. Ummm, I don’t remember his shriek being all that bad but then again my hearing is damaged. But, I thought it was from the machine gun I sat next too one night while in the Army doing range detail.

LISA: But, yah know, I think when it comes to humans. There are far more beautiful women than there are men! Your comment reminded me of my trip to the Philly Zoo as a kid and what I learned from the turtles! Might just have to do a journal entry about that one!!! ;-) Thanks for your well wishes. I’m sure my headaches are nothing compared to yours!!!! So, really I should quit my belly-aching and suck it up!

LANNY: It’s hard for me to deny your request because you are such a sweetheart but it just stresses me out too much! Sorry! :-(

KRISTI: Indeed it did! There was big mean Shepherd up the street that use to chase anything on wheels but that peacock had him running off with his tail between his legs. Teeheeheee

JOHN: Yeah, they really are good for guarding. My problem is I’m not doing a good job of treading water; it seems, in any area of my life. I’m a perfectionist that drives myself crazy!

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Oh, baby girl!  I'm sorry about your sinus headache!  Hang in there.  I know they suck, but they do eventually go away.  LOL  

And yea...I have to say I agree with you about 'teaching the class.'  What a way for the teacher to get a nice big break, and still get paid for it.  ::sigh::

dmt66frd said...

The peacock brings back some memories. When I was a kid, I would often spend time out at the Suwannee River with my folks. One of our neighbors down the way had a peacock. It would wake us up each morning with it's meowing ... more reliable than a rooster. Of course, this neighbor also had guard geese that were a little fiesty and noisy. Note: never turn your back on guard geese!