Friday, February 20, 2004

Whew!! It's Friday!!!

It's been an interesting week. It started slow but picked up momentum. 

Tuesday: School. Nothing too exciting. I didn't have my creepy prof's class because he's trying something new where we do independent study of a case that we post to a message board and comment on. 

Wednesday: I came home to find a CD from a very special journaler named Kat. She is so freakin sweet. I left a comment in her journal that I hadn't heard of the Rockfords but would check them out. So what does she do, she shoots me off a CD. Like her, it rocks! 

Thursday A. M.: I wake up to 3 emails. 1 from Darren, thanking me for our time together and that he would like to get together again. The other 2 emails were really interesting. One from my brother, John's wife and the other from my brother, Chris, they both received letters from someone looking for me. The person looking for me? A girl that I was in basic training with 19 years ago! We've exchanged emails but I'm still trying to figure out why, after all these years, she has contacted me. Kind of strange, but cool.

Thursday P. M.: My package of CDs from Amazon arrived. Muse, had an entry about Cyndi Lauper. After listening to the tune, I was hooked and decided to buy her new CD. I guess the remake of an oldie but goodie blinded my better judgement and I bought 3 others. Bette Midler's CD, which is a remake of Rosemary Clooney tunes, and Rod Stewart's American Songbook CDs. They are such a great treat. They're Sunday afternoon chilling kind of music.

Friday: Not really believing it's Friday and wishing for one more work day. Then it seemed everything got on my last nerve today and by 2 p.m. the weekend couldn't start fast enough. I'll spare you the gorey details since Accounting tribualtions aren't exactly news worthy unless they involve paper-shredding, white collar swindlers. Now, I'm off to hunt down a better pic of Andy, since he seems tothink that he deserves it after all the abuse heaped on him. Thanks Chris!! You had to make that Welcome Back Kotter comment. Now, I've got to make nice-nice.


freeepeace said...

I know I already mentioned it but I REALLY like your new about me pic. It's nice to come in here and see you!! Sounds like a great week. And how nice was that of Kat! Wow. Very cool. You seem to love your music. Ordering 3 CDs on the fly. That Cyndi Lauper song was amazing! How's the rest of the CD? I love Bette Midler. And Welcome Back Kotter, LOL. [still think he's cute] :P [btw: just found out we are sooooo in for our year's worth of rain this week. yay and ugh!]

itsjustusinnc said...

OMG! You scared the PISS outta me when I opened your journal! ROTFLMAO!!! CHRIST!! You almost gave me a heart-attack! LOL! Well you've certainly had an interesting week. But now it's time to relax on the National Holiday that is my birthday! REJOICE!!! :-)


bridgetteleigh75 said...

That's actually kind of nice that a girl thinks enough about you to find you after 19 years. You should feel honored. =)

I have the Rod Steward CD too...very easy listening. Love it! I'd like to hear the Bette Midler. I just love her voice.

Enjoy your weekend, Robbie!

XO ~ Bridgett

deabvt said...

Wow! Great Pic!

quroboros said...

I just LOVE this photograph and it's so eye-catching. Got any info on it? ~Holly

musenla said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the Cyndi Lauper CD, I got it for a Christmas gift and I have been enjoying it tremendously. It's my journaling background music, lol. Hmm, gotta check out the Bette and Rod Cds, they sound great.