Friday, February 13, 2004

Rewarding Lives

A couple of hours prior to the death of John Lennon, a picture was taken of him and Yoko Ono lying together. Yoko is fully clothed and John is in the nude. It emotes vulnerability. It's really a beautiful picture and one of the more recognizable photographs of Annie Leibovitz.

The Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood is hosting an exhibit sponsered by American Express called Rewarding Lives. The exhibit started at American Express' headquarters in October of 2002 as a means to draw people back to the World Financial Center after the destruction of the Towers. The exhibit is now traveling the country and has made its way to Los Angeles. It's open to the public and best of all; it's free.

The exhibit consists of a collection of Annie Leibovitz's photographs of celebrities who also happen to be American Express Cardmembers. In additon, there will also be a display of the original AMEX cards of several U.S. Presidents.  "The vision of  'Rewarding Lives'  is to embody the celebration of human accomplishment and the desire to reach one's highest potential."

The exhibit is divided into themed groupings that will be rotated during the two month showing.  Not only are the pictures worth taking a look at but the backdrop in which they are being displayed is unique in that it will play on natural elements and lighting. The photographs are mostly being displayed on the 3rd Floor Terrace of the PDC but are also spread throughout the buildings.

If you live in SoCal, I highly recommend checking it out. For those who don't live here, keep an eye out, maybe it will hit a city near you.

Update: I feel like such a heel. After reading the comments on this entry, I realized I forgot to give credit for the photos. I put the collage together but the graphics aren't mine. They are from the Pacific Design Center Website.


deabvt said...

Wow!! Beautiful Graphics!! Thanks for sharing.

slowmotionlife said...

Leibovitz is one of those talented women that make me wish I could handle the camera more efficiently. I'll have to keep an eye out for this exhibit. Free caught my eye. LOL :)

queenz43 said...

Love the look of this entry. Very pleasing to the eye!

alphawoman1 said...

I love that photo of John and Yoko. It was on the cover of the Rolling Stone. THe graphics on this entry are great.

dymphna103 said...

I admire people who have a wonderful eye for photography john

itsjustusinnc said...

Yowza! You're cranking up the imagery a notch or two aren't you? :-) And don't stress to much over the credits. You did mention the center in the entry, but it was nice of you to come back and specify so I wouldn't have to go look it up. Hehe! :-)


linus131999 said...

happy vday

barebytes said...

You always amaze me. Hugs Lanny

derossetfamily said...

Great plug! Gawd that sounds neat, too bad I'm waaaay over here in VA, I'll check out the site though, maybe it will show up here eventually. The backdrop part sounds really cool, I saw fantasia at disney world projected onto a big sheet of water, outside, at night, sooo neat. I'll def. check it out. :)
Happy V-day!

musenla said...

That Lennon/Ono picture is rightly famous for its impact and simplicity. This looks like a really cool exhibit Robbie, thanks for sharing it with us. If I have the time, I just might drag D. with me to see it this weekend!