Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Early Morning Mutterings

I stayed up late last night putting the finishing touches on my paper for class tonight. This morning I was going to add an entry about a free art exhibit that's going on but my friend Debbie called me. She tried to call me last night but my phone was busy. I really need to get another form of internet access. I'm leaning towards cable.

Debbie called me on my cell phone because again this morning my phone was busy. When I told her I was on the 'net, she bitched me out for not answering my cell phone last night.  Some people might take offense at that, but I get a kick out of it. She's an old friend, almost like a sister. Only friends like that can feel comfortable enough to gripe you out.  Only old friends are permitted that kind of comfort, I guess because in the same nagging tone she tells me I need to move back to Texas and that she misses me.

So, I'll leave the art exhibit entry for another day. I'm too tired to make much sense anyhow. I think I'd rather read a few journals before I have to start getting ready for work. I feel like I'm behind on keeping up with everyone.


dymphna103 said...

The net is my recovery tool. For without the friends here I would have gone nuts when I lost the love of my life. john

barebytes said...

Caught up on reading journals? hahaha Never happen...there are just too many! Hugs Lanny

babyshark28 said...

So true Robbie! so true...old friends are permittd that kind of comfort.... exactly.
all right...leave the art exhibit for another day :(

andreakingme said...

My Mom bitches me out all the time for only one phone line that always seems to be busy (cause we likes to surf, man). The time for cable 'Net access is fast approaching.

"About frigging time," Oogie will say.

linus131999 said...

awe i got a friend like that lol its good to have friends that yell at u from time to time it brings u back to earth lol hope ur paper turn out terrific ( i know it did)

raisinglouisiana said...

My ex-husband does the same thing to me, he used to be
pissy about it, but for some strange reason, he laughs it off
now. I was on the phone with him the other day and a guy
called on my cell phone at the same time, Tom, (my ex) still
to this day has to ask, "who was that?"
Hmmm, a friend, lol!
Love you, Penny

starlitemaker said...

I heard from our lawyer today, that cable is three times faster than dsl.....I would do some more leaning...lol. That was sweet that your friend can gripe at you and then says she misses you, you guys must be very close!

Hugs, Beverly

musenla said...

Once you get speedy internet connection you would swear you don't know how you got along without it. I think cable is a better bet than DSL, though of course I'm no expert. Good thing we can do reserach on the internet ABOUT the internet, lol.

itsjustusinnc said...

CABLE IS DA BOMB! Hands down! I have cable here and had DSL installed for my compy at my grandmother's becuase the phone company got there first & I'm here to tell you there's just NO comparison! You might as well stick with dial-up if you go with DSL. It BITES!


bridgetteleigh75 said...

You and me both...I'm playing catch up on my journal reading right now, as a matter of fact. How's school going? Are you loving it, or is it driving you mad??? =)

We're also looking into cable. But we want to keep AOL. How does that work? Do you know? Dial-up is seriously for the birds.

XO ~ Bridgett

snkwarren said...

You know your friendship is beyond good when she bitches at you and tells you how much she misses you at the same time -- your both lucky. Kristi