Thursday, January 08, 2004

Why are you messing with me?

I've heard many complaints about AOL, especially about people getting booted off often. Overall, my experience has been fairly uneventful. I use dial-up so I expect things to be a little slow. But, when I'm home in Los Angeles, I don't think I have ever experienced the problem :::knocks on wood:::. However, while at my mom's, I did experience quite a bit of the booting. I tried to be understanding. I figure it has something to do with the servers for that area. Probably not as many as they have for a metropolitan area where the activity is much more prolific.

When I was at Debbie's another strange thing occurred. She also uses AOL and as such I would sign on as a guest. One time, I accidently clicked on the faves. There was nothing there. But, of course there shouldn't be it's not my computer. Right? Well, another time, out of habit, I clicked on the faves and an old version of my faves list appeared. I thought that was a bit odd but didn't really give it much thought at the time.

Now, I'm back at home. Kicking it. Enjoying myself. Organizing my list because I'm all about organization and things were getting a little out of hand. I created folders, moved stuff around. Shifted stuff over to my journallinks site that I set up. Really feeling good about all that I was getting accomplished.

This morning I log on and my faves list is OUT OF WACK!!! My folders are there but so is every single link I have ever saved, even ones that were deleted long ago. So, now it has me thinking. I realized that these faves are being saved to a server somewhere and not my computer like it does when you use Internet Explorer. Now I'm getting even angrier because not only is all my hard work of organizing the crap shot, but I'm sitting here wondering what does AOL do with my faves list. Are they tracking what I'm keeping there and why? It's none of their darn business. Are they selling my info to companies who I "might" be interested in, based on my faves?

Whatever it is --- Stop It Right Now. And while you're at it, please clean up the mess you left behind. Shame on you. Guests should have better manners, especially uninvited ones!!!

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