Thursday, January 08, 2004

This just in.............

Starlite's 11 year old son, James, has joined the ranks of Rosebud and started a journal for himself.  Next we'll have Bridgette's son, Parker, over there telling us about his poopy diapers. ;-)

But, as with Rosebud, any of you creepo's bug the kids, you'll have me to answer to. Grrrr.........I was in the Army so that's no empty threat! ;-)


linus131999 said...

hey hey i been to both their cute kids! its good their journalling lets out of lot of stuff

itsjustusinnc said...

My WORD! They're all starting out so young. Geez.:-)


metski715 said...

Its great to see these kids starting out with the journal thing. I wish I had this sort of thing when I was a kid. I loved to write. In the 7th grade I wrote a 110 page story about me and these crazy adventures. It was fun because Id include all my friends and they loved it. Really fun. The joys of being a kid.

musenla said...

I think it's great that the kids have started to write. Atta girl Robbie, threaten the weirdos with serious bodily harm; they have to stay away from the younguns!!!

starlitemaker said...

We'll have to start MACC (Mothers Against Creeps Club). Krobbie, Thank you, you are very sweet. I'm keeping close eyes on James's Journal but fair warning to those creepo's....Krobbie is not kidding! And I might just hurt ya too!

bridgetteleigh75 said...

I think it's wonderful. I've visited both journals, and I think they both have talent. As for my rugrat, Parker....I could certainly set up a journal for him...he LOVES to type! It would probably read something like this:

ower;i coewiu owjqprv03u10 vjaijoiqnvcovi

Good reading, ey? =)

You're a nut, Robbie. lol

XO ~ Bridgett

slowmotionlife said...

Yeah... that's the only scary thing. Some people don't know how to behave. I'm so excited to see such insightful kids joining our ranks! It's amazing to find that an 11 year old really *can* hold my attention.

Star bloggers in the making!! Perhaps the new AoL-J awards should have a "Best Kid" catagory!!! ::perk:: I'm emailing Gregg RIGHT now!!!!!!