Saturday, January 17, 2004

The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth....

Thanks for playing along. This was fun. I think it was even more fun to read the comments. If I calculated correctly, there is a winner. But, sad to say, only one. As much as I hate to tell him that he is the winner, I like the idea of him being thrown in circles trying to figure this out. The winner is Gregg! Now I want to know what has given you the impression I am so wild. ;-)

Without further delay the truth follows:

1. False: I really do hike that trail which dumps me onto a street. George Clooney does live on that street but I have never seen him.

2. True: Like I said I am an inquisitive person and will try most anything, within reason, at least once. Of course, I've become much more sedate in my old age. I was only 22 or 23 at the time that I went to the strip bar with the guys.

3. False: The story is true up to the point where I left with the guy. I would never trust my fate to the hands of a stranger. The military was no place to mess around. Not showing up for work would have had dire consequences. It's one of the reasons I didn't make the Army a career. I hated the fact that I wasn't free to do as I saw fit.

4. True: It was in Springlake, NC when I was in the Army. It's a small town that borders Fort Bragg. Bob Hope was taping a show on Pope Air Force Base, which also borders Fort Bragg. I guess, like the rest of us, he hated the chow.

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