Tuesday, January 06, 2004

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Bet your bottom dollar on that one! My mood is slowly but surely lifting. I think it's time to help it along by reflecting on the things that I have to be grateful for, not only last year but right now, as well.

The number one thing I have to be grateful for is my family and friends, journalland friends are definitely included here. Your kind words and encouragement mean more than you could ever know.

2003 dawned with me in quite a precarious state. I was working as a temp in a situation that I was not entirely comfortable with. It developed into the job I have now and absolutely love. The people I work for tell me on a regular basis that they appreciate the work that I do. In addition, I am very well compensated for that work, more so than the majority of people in the field that I work in.

I completed 27 credit hours last year while working full-time. In addition, I managed to pay for it all without borrowing money to do so. I will graduate in the Spring with only one Finance class to take afterwards in order to receive my diploma.

I may want a lot of things, but I need nothing. I have shelter, food, clothing, and love. All my needs are met. Everything else is superfluous.

My weight loss started in 2002 but continued in 2003. The last time I checked, it was approximately 65 lbs.

I traveled to Pennsylvania in June and to Texas in December and was able to pay for it all myself. As a result, I got to see my brother get married, family members I hadn't seen in a long time, or ever, and friends from my past.

Even though things didn't end as I would have liked them to with Mike, I learned a lot as a result of having known him. It helped me to grow emotionally.

There is even more to be grateful for but darn the 2500 character limit, but even that will be better soon. 25,000 characters!!!! I don't think even I will be able to use them all. Woohoo!!!
To sum it all up: I am realizing my dreams, my needs and many of my wants are taken care of, I am growing as a person, and still alive to experience more. Life is good!

Now, please pass the bottle of Advil freeep. ;-)

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