Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Suburban Housewife Party

Suburban Housewife Party. That's where I was last night. I stick out like a sore thumb. I am far removed from the suburbs, mentally, if not physically. I am far removed from the housewife status, as well. During my twenties, it seemed all my friends were getting married. During my early thirties, everyone I knew was having babies. So, now I have a cache of friends who if I want to see them, I must acquiesce and attend these home-parties.

Last night it was a "Stampin-Up" party. They are kind of cool for the creatively challenged, like myself. I go and spend tons of money on stuff I have no time to use. Oh sure, I've made the occasional card. One year, I even made all of my Christmas cards but ran out of time to get them mailed off. I have no clue where they are. Maybe once I get everything organized, I'll find them and finally send them out this year.

There's all kinds of companies that market to the Suburban Housewife. Some have been around for years. Of course, the oldest, that I recall, are Tupperware and Mary Kay. I thought maybe they didn't exist anymore since I haven't been invited to one for at least ten years. But, yes, they are still out there somewhere. Lately, there are new companies that seem popular with my haggled, housewife friends. They are Pampered Chef, At Home America, Stampin-Up, a candle one that I cannot remember the name of, another stamp one, and a basket one. I've never attended the candle or basket one. As much as I love my friends, a night of overly priced candles or baskets is asking too much of me. I'm hoping one of these days, one of the gals will get a wild hair and have a Lingerie party. Now, that would be a fun party to me. There actually are companies who direct market lingerie. I'd like to know when they will start coming up with parties for the aging single-gal. Our numbers are growing. More women are waiting until later in life to settle down. However, I won't hold my breath.

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