Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Mike - Again!!!

It's been over a month since I wrote about Mike.  When I first started this journal, he was the focus of many of my entries. It was because of him that I even discovered blogs. He was in Iraq and I was looking for anything I could about what was going on over there. I happened upon some blogs from people who were over there and I was hooked. When I got my new computer and was able to use my full AOL account again, I noticed the journal thingy and thought what the who, I'll give it a try.

By that time,  Mike had returned from Iraq and I hadn't heard from him. Not one word. To this day, I still don't know what happened. I thought writing about it and going through his letters and telling the story here would help me to get past it. With the hopes that maybe it would help me to figure out why I attract the wrong kind of men.

I never made it through all of his letters. I lost interest as time went by and other things distracted me. I've really felt like I've gotten past it. I still wonder what happened but the hurt hasn't been there. Well, tonight it came crashing back in thanks to the mail, once again.

I received, yet another returned letter that I mailed to him while he was in Iraq.  I wrote the letter July 20th. I am just now receiving it back. It was floating around Camp Pendleton at the beginning of January based on the stamps but I guess for the past six months its been sitting in a mailbag over in Iraq somewhere. Along with it came another one of those damn Nascar magazines too.

Tomorrow is another day. I'm working on a Truth or Dare entry to join those in journalland posting them. I'm fearful I won't come up with anything nearly as exciting, but hopefully you won't figure me out too quickly.


robbygoe said...

wow not a word, I have to read your old entries and catch up, i don't know how important or not he was to you.

musenla said...

War changes people. Maybe something happened to Mike that changed who he is as a person. Or maybe something else. I guess you will never know, and I know that's not easy.

I used to hate unfinished business. But come to think of it, why it ended is not as important as the fact that it did, and that it did is a conclusion in itself. I'm sorry the letter brought back a flood of memories, but judging by your entries, I know you are a strong woman and you will get through this.

linus131999 said...

wow im sorry! i know its hard but just keep doing what ur doing and that is moving on:) good luck on the truth or dare section

karensull12 said...

I think in situations like this, the worst thing is the not knowing. I like to put a "spin" on stuff like this, and just say it's his loss...

raisinglouisiana said...

I never could understand how someone can just
end it, without a word, but sometimes that's how
people deal, or not deal. I'm the type that likes to
know so I can just move on without thinking it was
all my fault. Dan did that to me, just stopped talking
and then six months later he wanted to be friends.
Sorry, but I did move on, and knew it was not about me.
No doubt something changed Mike. It's not you my friend.
Love, Penny

starlitemaker said...

Robbie, damn that letter that got mailed back to you, I'm sorry this brought it all up again, when you were putting it behind you. But judging by your strength, and your character you will find your way through this upset again. One day at a time, and know that we are all here for you, if you need us. Good luck with the Truth or Dare entry, I won't go there with me.....LOL

Love and Hugs, Beverly