Saturday, January 10, 2004

Family Affair

I woke up too early this morning. I was hoping to sleep in a little later but my neighbor or my phone woke me up. I think it was my neighbor's. Anyhow, I made myself some coffee and started trolling for journals to read. I like to wake up slow. Do a little surfing, reading, drinking coffee, just chillin before I plow into my day.

I began cleaning up the mess AOL made of my faves list and I clicked on a link I have there for The Shades are Raised. I thought I had erased that one but couldn't remember why. When I hit it, I realized why. He has moved his journal to I Gather Speed. It's a great journal that I don't visit often enough. If you haven't been there, or like me, haven't been there lately, you really should go visit.

The reason I chose to spotlight it here today is because it is now part of the AOL-J "Family Affair" we've got going on here. You see, Speed's father has now begun a journal of his own at This and That. AOL really should get on the stick and highlight what's going on here. It's a cool aspect of these journals that has begun.

Maybe next, we can get Slomo's Pop and Sis to start journals, and even my brother Andy. He's been reading ever since I gave him the link. I guess the downside though is that everyone has to be AOL subscribers which I don't think my brother is one. Bummer for me. I know I'd love reading what he has to write and I'm sure y'all would too.

For those of you who don't recognize the picture above, it's from a TV show called "Family Affair," that was on when I was a wee little girl. When I coined the term "Family Affair" to label what's going on around journalland, it reminded me of this show and brought back a lovely memory that I'll share here, but later.

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