Saturday, January 10, 2004

"Family Affair" Nostalgia

I don't know if she was my first doll but my earliest recollections include her. I loved Mrs. Beasley. She had a pull string on her back and she talked to me. She was Buffy's bestfriend on the show "Family Affair" and she was my bestfriend too!!! Oh where, oh where did my dollie go? I lost her along the way.

However, great news abounds! Ashton-Drake has brought my beloved back to me but I think inflation has done a doozy on her sticker price. I just might have to break the piggy bank and get her anyhow for the nasty price of $89.99. However, you too can have her for 4 easy installments of $22.50.

In addition, according to the website: "A portion of the purchase price of this doll will benefit Childhelp USA children's charity, of which Cheryl Ladd is an official Ambassador." So, it's not all bad.

It's your turn. Tell me. What was your favorite toy/doll as a child?

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