Sunday, January 11, 2004

AOL Question

Does AOL delete emails automatically, that you've read in your email box? If so, what is the time period?

I know I saved several emails to get back to at a later date. One of which was from the helpdesk at school because I'm having problems accessing my student records. The email I sent to them is still there but the one I received is gone. I know for a fact I didn't delete it. There's other emails missing too. Am I just losing my mind?


raisinglouisiana said...

They do delete emails after a certain time, you can change how
you want them to save, if some are important, save to your PC.
THere's a scroll down to do that.

musenla said...

I believe it's 14 days, but am not absolutely sure. To eliminate the worry about this, set up your filing cabinet. Just change your mail preferences to say you want every mail you're read saved in your filing cabinet. At your leisure, click on MAIL on your task bar, scroll down to and click filing cabinet and voila, your old mail is there waiting for you.

itsjustusinnc said...

ROBBIE!!!! Honey, it's a new feature! If you delete ANY incoming mail without saving it to a folder YOU created, AOL will delete that mail even from your incoming saved mail folder REGARDLESS OF YOUR SETTINGS! So be careful! And any mail you leave in yor inbox without deleting will be wiped after 14 days.