Friday, December 26, 2003

Letting Love Reign

I found a lovely surprise in my email-box the other day. It came from a lovely man who from reading his journal seems to have a personal mission in life to spread joy and love to whomever his path shall cross. As such, I am honored and proud that he would take the time to bestow his award upon my humble abode here in journalland.
Prior to receiving this award, I have stopped by and read his journal from time to time. I was touched at how excited and conscientious he was about being a new father, an adoptive father at that. It touches my heart to see someone give their love to a child that is not their own by blood but by decision, since I was lucky enough to be so blessed.

John G. is a gay man who has seen it in his heart to open his life and love to a little boy. I have not read his entire story (yet), about how it all came about. However, it is admirable to see his concern and love for this little boy.

Not too long ago there was a lot of controversy regarding a case in Florida that Rosie O'Donnell helped to bring to the national limelight. It's about a gay couple, who Florida has permitted to be foster parents, but will not allow to adopt a boy who has been in their care since birth. Florida does not allow homosexuals to become adoptive parents. They would rather these children stay in the fostercare system then have the opportunity to be part of a loving family home because that loving home does not meet there backwards, traditional views. I say it's time to let love reign!

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alphawoman said...

Look what I've found! Hope you aren't trying to keep this a secret. No secrets on the I have a blogger account too...I do my Alphawoman entries (and then some) on it before transferring to AOl.