Wednesday, December 24, 2003


Thanks to the wonderfully intelligent journalers out there in AOL-J land I have learned a new trick for my journal today. I can now add images right here in the text of my journal. I can even enlarge them and type around them. I feel so cool. However, there is one thing I still need to figure out. When I went to hunt down this image it was .gif. It was flashing but I had to save it to my computer as a .bmp. If anyone could enlighten me, I would greatly appreciate it. Do I need a specific software to be able to save .gif images to my computer?

I am now off to knock out the list of chores my mom left for me to complete. I looked at it and was quite surprised that she actually left a rather short list. So, I may have time to track down those cow hairballs, since my Step-father, Duck, has no clue what I'm talking about. But someone here in journalland does. ;-)

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