Thursday, December 04, 2003

Dedicated to the ones I love....

YOU GUYS!!!! :-)

I didn't get home until almost 10 tonight. I had to get together with my Business Stategies team to make our decisions for the game that are due on Saturday. I was shocked to see how many people came along to comment and cheer me on. You all rock! I've been roaming the halls of journaldom trying to catch up on all that I've missed and I'm too tired to respond to all of you and do an entry tonight. So, I've decided to dedicate this to you -- the ones I love. Hopefully, there will be enough room. Oh well, I'll just make it two, if not.

irun: Yeah right! As soon as I strap on my chaps and pull out my whip. A dom I am not. I know you guys only wish we women would make it that easy. lol. But, I will definitely look deep into his eyes and maybe bat my eyelashes a little. I'll save the chaps and whip for the second or third date. teeheehee

dymphna 103: I am always looking. I'm not dead yet! My theory is that the sooner I find the next heartbreak the sooner I get rid of the old one. No, wait. I meant if a horse throws you--get back on it. ;-)

alphawoman1: Yeah--but I think you got the last one of them. ;-)

andreakingme -- rbushu -- jfourb: You ladies are too aggressive for me! Are you telling me to stalk the poor fella? I'm not sure that would go over too well. They have laws against that kind of stuff in Cali. But, hey you are married and I'm not. So, I'll listen to the goddesses, at least a little, and take a walk down that hall to see what's on the door. Duh, I didn't even think of that. I'll let you know tomorrow. teeheehee.

metski715: I got your WOMAN right here baby. After all, I need to keep my Demi Syndrome membership up to date. lol. Daily! I am honored and humbled. Have you read my bumper sticker entry?

babyshark28: Thanks for the cheers! I do so love running the bases. Did I say that? teeheehee BTW: Did you hear theres a movie about Sylvia Plath?

Gregg: Back at yah babe -- {{{{Gregg}}} Please read what I wrote to the married goddesses. Stalking bad--Robbie good. But, I definitely like the idea of using him and of course you excited. :-o

micheleandrea: Unfortunately, both our offices are on the mezzanine level, thus the escalator. And...I'd need a drink or two to be that bold. Maybe I'll have a two martini lunch tomorrow. ;-) Here's hoping all your fantasies come true! Thanks guys and gals!!! You're the greatest!

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