Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Bug Be Gone - So I hope

:::Listening to my mother ramble about the stuff she wants me to do for her tomorrow:::

Woohoo!! I knocked around my computer some today and it's working right again. Actually, I'm relatively new to XP since I just bought my computer in October and haven't had a chance to really check out all of its capabilities. Today I found the "System Restore" and restored my computer to the day before the problems started happening. Lo and behold, it is working again.

I'm at my mom's now for the next couple of days. So, if she doesn't work me to death, I will probably be on here a lot. There's not a lot to do out here except go for walks, check the cows for hair balls, and play around on the computer. Well, I did bring some stuff from work to do also.

Update: We found out today that the people who hit Justin gave a false report to the police. There was a witness to the accident and the other driver was at fault. It's lucky they didn't kill him and yet they tried to blame the accident on him. Justin saw the neurologist today and suspects he was unconscious for at least an hour to experience the amount of memory loss he has. He still doesn't remember anything from that day. Otherwise, overall he seems to be okay. Whew!

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