Friday, November 21, 2003

Grab a cup of java...

...when you stop by here. It's just two friends ruminating about their lives. That's how I feel about this journal thing I've got going on here. My entries aren't linear. My stories have stops and starts. But, isn't that what it's like when you're getting to know someone. You don't start at the beginning and bring them up to the present. Your life unfolds in patches and jumps all over the place.

I read other journals and it gives me ideas for future writings. I've begun keeping a list so I don't forget. Slomo and Babyshark's traveling entries have inspired me to do something about the various places I've lived. I've begun searching the web for photos and links to make it interesting.

I know you've been expecting more of my Momma Monologues but the inspiration has passed. I'll get back to her -- just not now. I'd like to write about how great it is to be an Aunt, not only to my brother's kids but my friends' kids too. I might not be a mother but the love of a child is not missed. And I feel lucky because I get all the good stuff and don't have to deal with the stress involved in being a parent.

I went to Philadelphia this summer and stayed with my younger brother John and his family. I got to play with my nieces, one of whom I hadn't even seen yet and she's two! I loved looking at her face and wish I could share it here -- hopefully when I move I'll get my scanner hooked up and share some photos then.

Alena looks exactly like her mother - it's so amazing to me. And, when she smiles the whole room sparkles. Her sister Sara is older. She's five going on forty. She's the spitting image of my mom and my brother Chris. Alena and Sara sent me a card for my birthday. It says "To My Aunt - I'm glad we're related. We're proof that at least some cool genes exist in our family." It's signed by Sara on behalf of herself, Alena and Mommy and Daddy. I'll keep it forever.

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