Thursday, November 13, 2003

Domestic Arts

I must confess. I can not deny it any longer. I like Martha Stewart. I caught snippets of her interview on 20/20 the other night and it has compelled me to come forward. Actually, it's been sort of a love/hate relationship that I've had for all things Martha. I admire this woman for being a self-created business woman. She represents the power and intelligence of the modern woman. However, I always hated how she made it look like we modern women could do it all. As a modern woman, you're not suppose to know how to cook, clean and do all the drudgery of maintaining a home. So, I was a latent Martha fan. Yes, I bought her magazines but hid them under the bed. I have one or two (okay maybe more) of her books. After all, what is glamorous about being domesticated? Well, she has now made it all okay for me with two little words: Domestic Arts. Honey, I'm not scrubbing the toilet -- this is the next Monet. It's no longer housework that I am doing, it is an expression of my creativity. Is Martha guilty? I hope not. There's many out there who feel the same. They've even created a website called Save Martha. Show your support for Martha -- bake a pie tonight -- and stand tall and proud. Scream: "I am woman hear me roar. "

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