Sunday, November 16, 2003

Apartment Wishes

Well, I'm feeling a little better. Guys still stink, but that's nothing new.
Right after I posted my entry earlier, I got a call from the last apartment that I looked at -- the one that you're suppose to have your fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for me. You didn't stop did you? Nope, cause I'm still in the running. I should know for sure tomorrow.
But, I forgot a juicy little tidbit about the location. It's only a couple of blocks from the infamous Vitello's Restaurant where Robert Blake "allegedly" shot his wife. Do you know there's a blog out there all about the case? I guess people will find any excuse to blog -- just like me.
48 hours just had a program on the other night about the Blake Case, but I was too busy studying or surfing the waves of journaloceanica to pay attention. I did catch a snippet though that he is on house arrest and living in Malibu. Now that would be a great place to look for an apartment!

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