Sunday, October 26, 2003

Thirty Homes Ablaze in South Poway

San Diego has been dealing with fires now too. Citizen Smash (see link on left) lives down that way and has been keeping his blog up to date with the status of things.

His last post said that 30 homes are ablaze in South Poway. Mike lives in Poway. Even though he's a shit, I'm still concerned about how he's doing. I'd really like to send him an email. But, I don't know. EEEEEEK I hate this.

I ended up not going to Venice today. I came down with an awful sinus headache. I think it's from all the smoke in the air. I usually get a bad case of allergies when the Santa Anas come to town anyhow.

I better go. I need to read two chapters and a case study plus install the Business Strategy Game on my Computer, all before class on Tuesday, of course that doesn't include work tomorrow either.

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