Saturday, October 25, 2003

California's Burning

The fires are getting worse. I think there are 6 now. The authorities believe some, if not all, are the work of arsonists. Based on the news it looks like all of Cali is in flames. It's not quite that bad, but it is serious. And...very sad. People are losing their homes.

I've had some close calls with fires. Luckily, I never had the misfortune of losing anything. The first time was when I was a kid living in Pennsylvania. We lived in an apartment above a vacated store. Somehow, a fire started in the store. I ran to the basement and got a hose and put it out. When the firemen arrived, they said I was lucky I didn't get electrocuted doing that since it could have been an electrical fire.

The second time, I was living in San Antonio and my apartment caught fire. Both, my roommate and I were home at the time, awake, and didn't even know the place was on fire. It started in the firebox of the chiminey. It was contained in the ceiling. Luckily, neighbors saw the flames shooting out the roof. It took the firemen maybe 5 minutes to get there but it was the longest five minutes of my life. The fire more than doubled in size but it stayed in the ceiling. The only damage was smoke and water damage.

The third time the apartment (different apartment then above) below me caught fire. I was home sick that day. I heard what sounded like glass breaking and then smelled smoke. I ran downstairs and the bedroom below mine was on fire. Apparently, the person left an iron on the mattress. Luckily, I was home that day.

It's a horrible tragedy to lose everything you own. I feel for the people effected.

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