Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lorakeet Love and Social Networking

This is postcard numbered three going out tomorrow. The silhouette is of a lorakeet that I took a picture of a while back. The paper is the packaging from my last toothpaste purchase. I thought the color combo would be fun to make something with and reuse, recycle, etc.

I tried to send this and the detail pictures to Facebook but it's acting up. I swear it gets frustrating at peak times how slow that site gets. But, so far I am really enjoying connecting with all my friends and family, some were quite long lost. I haven't decided yet if I'll link this blog over there but if you know my last name you can find me there.

I've been thinking about Facebook and how it reminds me of the old days of AOL when there was a tight, fun, community feel to it. I think Facebook is really cool because it's like an ongoing conversation with a community of people and some aren't even your friends, there are friends of friends dialoging. Pretty cool stuff.

I'm trying to figure out if I want to add Twitter to the mix. It seems like there is just too much to keep up with so I have been reluctant to do so. I was trying to figure out what the difference is between Blogging, Tweeting, and Facebooking and I think I figured it out somewhat, for me anyhow. Blogging is for times where you want to elaborate and record an event or idea more extensively. It can be a past, present, or future kind of entry. Tweeting is a short blast of what you are currently doing. I think it even says, "What are you doing?" Whereas, Facebook is more about what you are thinking or feeling. It's a place to blast a quick emotive response to what is currently going on because it asks, "What's on your mind?" Although, Facebook does have games and crap too which makes it more dimensional. I haven't checked Twitter out enough to see if it's more than the texting interface that it seems to be to me.


alphawoman said...

I am not certain about Twitter, maybe I miss the point. I have an "profile" (I'm not certain what it called) on Twitter. I signed up (once again I'm not certain what it is called) to receive the "stream" (not certain what it is called lol) of certain people. I had to cancel some of them. Everyday hundreds of "twits" (ha hah) It was obnoxious and boring! But, maybe I am just too old and missing the point. I do not text much and am still have a RAZR...hahah.

Bridgett said...

I have a Twitter account but never use it.

I guess I just don't care to read people's minute to minute thoughts all day long. LOL

But, as you know, I'm a FB and blogging junky.

As for your postcard...Wow. That is seriously good, Robbie! Well done!


Robbie said...

Thank you both for the input about Twitter. I'm thinking no at this point. I didn't realize that you were updated with everyone you follow (not sure what it's called since Mary's not sure - LOL Loved all those Mary!) That's actually a downside to Facebook sometimes and hinders me from commenting on things or pictures because the notifications of other people's comments after mine drives me a bit loco since I have my email linked on my phone and it notifies you through email.

I don't text much but I'm starting to use my phone as part of all of this more and more. It's making it so much easier and faster to blog/Facebook.

Thanks again ladies!

Tara said...

I'm with Bridgett on this one...I don't care to keep up with everyone's smallest thought on Twitter. I have an account, but since school has been out, I barely use it.

That postcard looks great!


Donna said...

I hate twitter. I think people who text from their cell phones love it, but I don't do that. It's stupidity to me, to see people saying, "I'm going shopping now", or "I'm heading to work".

How dull.

Besides, if you want to do little "quickie" updates, you can do it on Facebook.

Tara said...

Yes! The Butter is 15! I just put up some new shots from this afternoon, if ya wanna take a peek. :)

MzAmy said...

Facebook. yes, it does remind me of the old AOL journal days. except you add family, and you take the mystery out of who you are. I remember not wanting to divulge any information about myself in journals.

I really like to connect with family that I have not seen for years, and they only live about an hour away....so dumb. But, facebook gives me an opportunity to quickly pick up where we all left off. without saying too much!

and I like the silly quizzes. :)
twitter...eh, I can do without that.

Tressa Bailey said...

I kinda sorta like twitter, I don't use it much...I'd feel stupid writing stuff like "potty break" or "stuck in traffic" but I figure if I jot something in it once a week or so and it broadcasts itself on my blog...people know I am still alive at least...LOL... I'm kinda known for my disappearing acts.

I think its just a communication tool like any other.

gigi said...

You know where I am! :) I haven't written a bliggity blog entry in a month because I'm lazy and busy and clunky and uninspired. But I'm all over my Facey Space, yakin' away to no one in particular, takin' silly quizes and sending silly drinks. It's just such an easy, breezy and immediate way to touch base. I have to admit I'm hooked.

On the other hand, I will never be a Tweety Bird because, as you know, it's nearly impossible to text from my hand-cranked cell phone without breaking my wrist. So the world is safe from hearing the more inane of my inner voices. For now... :)))

DirtyMorb said...

nice blog =)