Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bad Buddha Returns

It has been months since I've done anything creative. I haven't made any cards since October. I figured that perhaps a little play and experimentation would break this trend. I'm using a book that has pictures of a fashion designer's trip through China, so it seemed only appropriate the first spread have an Asian theme. I've only just begun so who knows where this will end up.

On the right is a drawing I did a while ago and posted on here that I called "Bad Buddha," hence the name of the entry. When I applied the gel to it, it smeared the red pen and turned it a kind of pinkish color, but I think it works. I was going to tape the eyes over it that you see at the top of the picture but I can't bring myself to cover it up. I'll have to use them elsewhere. I'll post more pictures as I progress.


Bridgett said...

I didn't know you were an artist!
Beautiful work, doll!


gigi said...

Bloglines! I totally forgot about Bloglines! Damn fb.

Very intriguing ~ I think the pink works too. When you say you're 'using' that book, do you mean as inspiration, and are collaging journal-style, or are you applying directly to the book itself? I can't tell by the picture. I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops.

And yay to you for sparking your creative energies. It's been bugging me for weeks that I haven't picked up a brush or a pencil. You're inspiring me, though. I need to follow your example...

Robbie said...

I'm applying directly to the book itself. I'm altering the book. That's why I don't want to show the book as it is or say who the designer is. I think it may have been a gift of some sort for select peeps but it was left in the kitchen at work so I grabbed it. It's mine now!

I am applying gesso to the front and back of the pages then gluing several of the pages together once it dries, then applying papers, and paint and stamps and stuff. I've already changed this page more since I posted this picture but I'm not sure I like everything that I've done so I might cover up some of what I've done with more paint or something. We'll see.

And, yes, follow my example so I can be inspired by YOU! I love when you post your artsy stuff. I may just have to move you up to my long list of artsy blogs if you keep it up.