Saturday, October 11, 2008

Feeling Optimistic


Remo said...

Hmmm. Have a great week?

Sydney said...

Hola Robbie --

Is gigi gone to Greece for good?

I put up something on one of my blogs and thought you might be interested in it. Maybe you already know about it... anyway, here's the link. Don't think you've been to this blog (i keep three attached to my profile)

I like reading your posts ... this election is so crucial..... arrrgh

Sydney said...

Seeing that film does make one optomistic,,, but can he do it, can anyone do much with the machine running? I have to hope he can.

Sydney said...

Hey there --

You are not crazy, I did list a post with Lolas for about an hour and then I took it down because A) I wasn't sure it was interesting -- not Lola's but my post about being offline for the weekend and B) I decided I could post daily when they were still sleeping and I did.

I wonder if you've been there though?

Robbie said...

No but I'm familiar with the area. When I read it I wanted to see why I didn't know it before I left a comment on the entry. There's a place near there with Atelier in the name that I've always wondered about but there is so much construction going on in that area it is hard to notice anything besides the cars pulling in front of you off of side streets but I know exactly where it is now. The sign is actually quite big. Anyhow...I'll keep it in mind the next time I am craving an Appletini. I love those things. :-)

Sydney said...

Well, the one thing is that she is open to serve til about 2 AM, most kitchens close by 10 or have last call at 9:30 for food. And it's reasonably priced for LA restaurants with such a nice atmosphere. Now, the Martinis are huge and those are priced like they are everywhere, but they are gooood!