Sunday, June 03, 2007

Art is in the Eye of the Beholder

I planned to write a proper blog entry this morning but used all my computer time looking and being inspired by other bloggers that I follow. As a result, my time has slipped away and I need to get off of here. But, I'm tired of my last entry being the first thing that greets people who come to this page. It sounds so very angry, and rightfully so, but I'm not in a constant state of anger and I hope no one else is either. Life must go on.

I took this picture while downtown yesterday because I found it quite ironic that much of the bonsai were dead and I wasn't sure if it was an artistic statement or just the result of a brown thumbist like myself. I look at the picture today and see so many layers of inspiration that I didn't even notice yesterday. I hope you do too.


gigi said...

Lovely! It looks almost like a watercolor, or possibly a collage. Great source material...or an end in itself, of course.

I believe the display is a Zen mediatation on the impermanence of life and art in an increasingly indifferent and commercial atmosphere. And also on the fact that even the Buddha needed to water his plants once in a while. ;)

Lee said...

Buddha is hungry. I think he's complaining about any empty belly! ;)

Steven said...

I did not think your last entry sounded particularly angry. Frustrating times, but they shall pass!

The dead bonsais are neat. A sorta permanent fall color :-)

some chick said...

I believe I see you...your reflection.

But, all art is a reflection of the artist and the subject matter, in my humble opinion.


My World said...

A very interesting photo, bravo.
And I see your refection also.....

Thank you,

My World...... :)

MzAmy said...

ok...I have been thinking about
this one. because at first glance....i saw nothing but objects. and that bugged me.

I don't feel like i am cultural-y and as political-y as open as you are. So, I had to think. :)

hm. I just jumped right into comments box, without glancing over the image once more to cement my idea. and I am trying really hard not to glance just over to the right at gigi's comment....

here goes.
other than seeing reflections in the glass. I see a dying culture.
traditions fading. I see the future (tree) becoming so important, that we are forgetting the roots that have fed (helped) us get where we are today. and if we don't recognize the roots....we are just going to fade away with time.
yeah...that's it. that's all.

Wil said...

Robbie, in answer to your question, no, not really 96 here. But that is what it felt like after a week of 60 degree days and 40 degree nights. More like 86, actually. I suspect someone's thermometer sensor was in direct sunlight...