Saturday, April 21, 2007

Up for a swim?

I hope 3000+ miles isn't too much for you.

I received this in an email and couldn't help but share it here. It's quite humorous.

Go to Google and get directions to London from Pittsburgh. Scroll down to where you leave Long Wharf. I think it's item number twenty. It has you swimming across the Atlantic.

I tried this with several cities. I typed in Philadelphia, Louisville, Dallas, and New York and they all took you to Long Wharf which it looks like it is in Massachusetts. And! After that leisurely swim across the Atlantic, Google doesn't even take you to the closest point of land on the other side. It looks like it sends you to France first.

Strange, but true. Check it out for yourself.

Here's a screen capture of one of my attempts:


Wil said...

It's true. I don't know if it's an intentional ploy, but all attempts to cross the Atlantic from North America to Europe or the United Kingdom result in that odd choice of route through Le Havre, France, EU. Of course, that may be the only EU point of debarkation for automobiles coming from the USA but I doubt it.

Hope you are well and happy.

ally said...

3000 mi for a dip in the ocean? brrr... i'm guessing it sends the person to france to warm up before the swim back ...

sunflowerkat said...

Holy moley. I wonder how you're supposed to keep your bearing on that 3000+ mile trip. The stars??

AlbGlinka said...

Which Speedo should I wear?

Thanks for encouraging me out of hibernation! xxoo, Alb/Grove

Lee said...

Damn! I left my goggles and flippers at home!

some chick said...

I am just not that good of a swimmer....hehehehheheh

Trish said...

It's sort of like how google makes us take the freeway, no matter where we're headed.

I miss the "avoid freeways" option that mapquest used to have. Then again, mapquest always got me lost.

Better start swimming.

gigi said...

Are you still swimming? Or do we need to send the coast guard?~~~~~~-~^O-~~~~
Maybe there's an "avoid large bodies of water" option. Post so we know you haven't drowned! ;)

Anonymous said...


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