Thursday, March 01, 2007

Camera Phone Fly-by Foto

I do not have patience lately to sit and write. I try. I have about six drafts of entries that I just can't bring myself to finish. I think it's because I'm out of practice. Writing really does take practice - daily.

I used to sit down punch out a post and move on but I did it on a consistent basis. None of this saving drafts and trying to have a picture and links and grammar and coherent ideas. Screw spell check! But, somewhere along the way I began polishing my act. Peeshaw! No more I say!

That's not entirely true but I'm going to try to be better. If I could only break away from reading blogs, especially all of the artsy ones that I have been drawn to lately. They really inspire me to do creative things more. However, those are usually things with my hands not with words and not around here.

Above is a picture of a Van Gogh painting that I took with my camera phone. It's kind of crappy at this size but looks really cool as wallpaper on my phone. Better than the generic ones provided by Verizon. I figured since I didn't have a cute coordinating photo to go with this crappy entry, I'd slide it in here. Enjoy!


Lisa :-] said...

Well, I've noticed you haven't been adding your voice to the blogosphere much lately. Been missing you...

Lee said...

And about time, too, Robbie! I pop by every day to see if you've re-surfaced! :)

That's a great pic from your phone.

Now...set aside a moment or three each day...we all love to hear from you! :)

sunflowerkat said...

I spend SOOOO much time reading artsy blogs and I got myself involved in a couple of artsy groups. Dangerous for time consumption but great for getting the creative juices going. I'm spending more time doing all kinds of new things. But, my blogging has suffered for it.

Great to hear from you! I'd love to see come of your creations posted here!!!!

Carly said...

Hi Robbie

I dunno... I kinda like what you did here. I have been struggling also with feeling inspired to write in my blog. The year got off to a rocky start for me... lots of all kinds of emotions floating about, it's beginning to settle a bit though. The thing is, sometimes the energy it takes to put my thoughts into words, simply isn't there. Like Steven told me recently, "there are ebbs and tides to everything." Hang in there.

Hugs, Carly

PS Love the blog look, and your pic on the sidebar. FABULOUS!

gigi said...

I say, go with the creative flow, wherever it takes you. Do that which nurtures your spirit. The blogs often take alot of energy which could be spent more productively elsewhere, I suspect. Or is that just me...? ;)

Of course, if you don't write I'll just have to continue to drop by to nag you once in a while. :)