Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ring-a-ling-a-ling. It's for you.

When I was a kid living in Florida, I distinctly remember my mom bundling us up in our pajamas to go to the Jiffy Store, think 7-11, to use the pay phone to call my grandma. We weren't always without a phone, but there were times that I remember running to the neighbors to use a phone. I didn't feel like we were out of touch though. But, what do you know as a kid, roughing it is not being able to buy slurpies and ice cream on a hot summer's day. You sure as heck don't care about all that adult stuff like paying bills.

I think times have changed some though when kids in kindergarten are carrying cell phones and have their own entertainment centers in their rooms. However, that's not my point. I am thinking of dropping my land line - that's my point. I really don't use it much. The cost is probably twenty-something a month. It used to be a lot less though. I think for barebones basic I was paying $6.50 a couple of years ago but then SBC took over and now AT&T has the reins and it's costing me the equivalent of a pair of shoes on serious mark-down. For what? I have a cell phone, and most everyone I know calls me on it. Actually, what they usually do is call me on my home phone, then when I don't answer it they call my cell. Why not cut out the middle man? Because, I feel like I'm a drifter without a phone. It represents security, dependablity, and permanence. People who have phones aren't fly-by-night characters. Heck, it used to be if you didn't have a phone you couldn't write a check to buy groceries. Shoot! Other than paying my rent, I can't even remember the last time I wrote a check for something. I do have to provide my number to the drycleaner to get my clothes. And, the few occasions I've called Pizza Hut they knew me by my phone number. Can I get Pizza and my drycleaning if I only have a cell phone? Will telemarketers find me and start calling my cell?

The other thing holding me back is that I really like my phone number. It's one of the easiest numbers I have ever had. The first three digits are the same as the next three and the last one is only one digit more. There's also the fact that if someone I've lost contact with wants to find me they can if they know my last name. I've never changed it and I have yet to see a listing for my surname with an R other than my own. So what if that has only happened a hand full of times in my life, it could happen again. I've met a lot of people in my life. However, I've had my cell number for ten years so they can always reach me that way too.

I geuss what I'm looking for is opinions, pros and cons that I haven't thought of yet. What do you think? Have you ever been without a phone? Did you have a cell phone? Was there any problems? Am I nuts?

Scratch that! I know the answer to the last question.



Lisa :-] said...

As a new business owner, I can tell you that having employees who have ONLY cel phones in a HUGE pain in the ass. Cel phones are so "on demand." If one does not want to be reachable by cel phone, all one has to do is turn it off. As a result, I have NO way to get in touch with my employees should I need to...for example, if someone calls in sick and I need an emergency replacement. It has been a rude awakening for me to have employees that I cannot contact when I need to.

ally said...

i think eventually *everyone* will move away from a landline phone. i know i keep a landline phone for my mom. i know i use my landline # for businesses that even though say they have a privacy.

lisa said...

Hi Robbie... I keep my landline for times when you can't use your cell... power outages because my cordless phone dies..but not my deskphone.....I also use my landline for business.. I mean, I use that number for any kind of business.. if anyone calls me on my landline, I know it's either a bill collector or a telemarkter. of course, if something happened to my parents, how would they get ahold of me?? I charge my cell phone at nite.. I've thought about getting rid of my landline..but still haven't done it for those reasons.. oh and I stuff via the phone.. I use my landline, I don't want hackers to pull my information from the waves... know what I mean??? I pay my gas company thru my phone and I use a landline.

gigi said...

Ha! I know you're not asking me, since it goes without saying I'd be lost without a landline ~ I can't put it in my purse but forget to turn it on; I can't leave it on bars or annoy people with it in restaurants. And it hardly ever goes off to scare the s*#t outta me when I'm driving, which I kinda like.

But not helpful, I know.

My brother dropped his landline a while ago; he's got it back now, though. Never thought to ask why, but now I think I will... :)

ckays1967 said...


When Charley & I moved into our new home we did not have a landline until we wanted to be foster parents. One is not allowed to be a foster without a land line for the safety of the children, although the children are not allowed to use the phone.

Weird but the law....

Anyway, now we have this phone number that no one in the house uses but the teenager.

I don't even know my home phone number and have to look up it up to give it out.


I do; however, know my cell phone number.

My phone number growing up?

easy too...loved it, it rhymed.

Phinney said...

i don't have a cellphone 'cuz i'm poor, but even if i did i don't qualify to answer this because i have a kid here, and as a newly-single parent i must be the responsible one. when he gets old enough -in a couple of years- to be home alone when i have a (gasp!) job, the landline will be necessary. although the cost SUCKS ROCKS and their voicemail rots, too. i may go down to bare service or change to comcast. so i guess what i'm sayin' here is not much! so, anywho, letting you know i've stopped by. :) Phin

Becky said...

Funny, we were just talking about this very topic yesterday. We seldom use our landline and recently our cable company started offering this killer deal for VOIP. I've never been without a normal phone line before. It's a weird thought.

Judith HeartSong said...

Virginia has a landline... but nobody ever calls me at that number and we even keep the ringer off and just let it go to message if it does ring. So many people are choosing not to have landlines now, my only thought would be that if you are a "long conversation" kind of woman, it would be safer to do that on a landline than to have a cell phone by your head for ages.....


José Alberto Mostardinha said...


The blog Estados Gerais (General States) await your visit and comment on this day that the world cannot forget.


Paula said...

Surprise Robbie! I grew up without a phone but wasn't a problem back then we could just walk into the neighbor's hallway and use theirs. That was when people could trust people. Paula

ChasingMoksha said...

I don't have a cell phone. I think they are evil.

V said...

Hi, Robbie.
First, thanks for your concern and card. I really appreciate it.
Secondly, Everyone I know seems to be dropping their landlines or keeping it with the most minimal options; my son has never had a landline! LOL

Coy said...

I do have a land line but never give the number out. On rare occasion does someone insist that I give a home phone and not a cell phone.
Since Mandy moved out over a year ago, no one ever calls the home phone and if my computer was not still on dial up, I wouldnt need that line at all.
*** Coy ***