Saturday, April 08, 2006


I am from the immigrant waves that hit our shores over the centuries. I am from Heinz-57 and Kool-Aid.

I am from the city house of an immigrant, the post-war track house of a Philadelphia suburb, a southern beach-front house and a nondescript trailer park, to name but a few. I am from everywhere and nowhere in between.

I am from Palmettos, wild strawberries, Red Rock Mountain, and a place where the Spanish moss drips so heavily the trees resemble Weeping Willows. From crashing waves on sandy beaches to snow that reaches the rafters before the Spring thaw.

I am from black-eyed peas on New Year's Day and a penchant for the nip of the dog that bit me, from Sembach and Kuk---t and an Iroquois whose name is whispered on the wind of my mind.

I am from the hard drinking and hard working lower middle class struggling to survive because getting ahead isn't even a concept that a tired mind can look toward.

From children are to be seen and not heard and blacks are to swim on the right side of the pier.

I am from Irish Catholics, Roman Catholics, heretics, and Lutherans. Methodists and Non-denominational, fundamentalist cults thrown in for good measure. Stirred, but not shaken, I am from a new age where religion is a crutch and life, love, and laughter are the teaching of the day.

I'm from Trenton, Germany, Romania, Ireland, England, France, the Mother Earth, sauerkraut, corned beef, and Hamburger Helper.

From the brothers who were sent to escape war in Europe to arrive on a land distraught with civil strife. I am from the grandson of Romanian immigrants, and the daughter of Mallette Mary. Or, was it really Mary Mallette?

I am from a family splintered across the spanse of America, joining together from time to time to celebrate nuptials and mourn the loss of loved ones. I am from the melting pot of America, a nomad, a gypsy. I am from me.


I found the idea for this poem over at "Better Terms." I wish I could have scanned some pics like Lisa did. They added a great touch. If you'd like to do this also, the template is found here. It's kind of like a "Mad-Lib" for poetry. Speaking of "Mad-Lib," I saw recently that Carly is starting her round of those again.

It's interesting because I feel like I could write this poem a dozen different ways since I am "from" so many places. I'd be interested to read another member of my families' take on this, maybe they could email it to me. (Hint-Hint)


Judith HeartSong said...

how beautiful Robbie, I love this.

alphawoman said...

I have so enjoyed reading all the responses to this. I am takiing the template to our family gathering for Easter. It will be thrilling to see what everyone comes up with...

It was great when I saw you had posted something!!

V said...

Robbie, beautifully written.

gigi said...

Wow! Well-done and insightful, Gypsy Woman. This says a great deal about who you are and who you perceive yourself to be. Love it.

Hey, who is your av mad at? ... :)

gigi said...

Where's her hand....hey ~is she giving me the finger behind her back?! Quit that... ;D

Donna said...

Here's mine:

And here's my husband's (I did it, but he says it's right-on):

Lisa :-] said...
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Lisa :-] said... first comment had so many typos that even I couldn't read it. What I wanted to say was that I loved your version, and that is says so much about you. And the "mad-lib" thing crossed my mind, but I couldn't reember what they were called.

I printed my version out and made my sisters read it. They liked it, but would not write their own. Oh, well...

Remo said...

Nice to see you still have it.

tiny dancer said...

Love it! Beautiful insight.