Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Blind Helping the Blind - Placing Text in Your Sidebar

Woops! Click on image above to be able to read the actual code. It will take too much additional effort to enlarge the image now. I need to hit the hay. There are pies to be baked, and other schtuff, bright and early in the morning.

Jennifer in random ramblings in the comments of my previous entry pondered how one could get plain old text in their sidebar. Above is the code I used. And, if you scroll to the bottom of my main page it should be in my sidebar below the quote generator.

Is it perfect, techie-sanctioned, code? Most likely not. And, don't even ask for the code to format it in a different font, size, or color. For that kind of info, you can check back here some day, or go ask Shelly. She's graciously offered her to provide help as well.


jennifer said...

Thank you Robbie!!! Thats exactly what I wanted to do!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Shelly said...

Blogger makes it easier for you. All my plain text in my sidebar is between p for paragraph tags. Since I'm working within the divs already in the sidebar and because I knew nothing about them when I started adding free text, I didn't think to use them and my text appears just fine. Usually, my text is accompanied by links, but I have added brief standalone text like quotes. Shelly's Book Shelf is full of that sort of thing and I'll happily share code with anyone who asks.

I would imagine tho, that things would vary from browser to browser whether the divs are needed, but I check my blogs in Firefox and IE.

Sharky said...

Hi Robbie!!
I came in to say hi, I am having a hard time keeping up, since I don't get 'AOL entry alerts' anymore. I have to think on my very own now! yikes. :P

don't know nothing about html code tags...
and that is all I have to say. :D
I hope your Thanksgiving was marvelous!

gigi said...

Robbie, I love you. Deeply madly gladly.

Is there any way to adapt that code to get a full-sized graphic into the sidebar? Maybe by adding the img src="".? But that's just the code for aol hometown; Blogger would have a totally different code, right? And where would you insert it?

It's all Esperanto to me.

Happy Thanksgiving Lovie!

Shelly said...

You can put any image in your sidebar. All you have to do is add the URL for it. You can delete the Blogger profile pic and text if you want, too. They go together, so you can't delete just one, but you can delete the whole thing, then add the text back into the sidebar itself.

Just don't add anything wider than the sidebar's width. That will cause problems, more with some browsers than others.

Hawspipe said...


The URL would point to wherever you are storing the image that you want displayed. For example, if you keep images at the free Photobucket site:

<img src="">

If you want to adjust the size of the picture and align it, say, on the right:

<img src="" width="150" height="250" align="right">

Or whatever width and height you desire. There's a good HTML code tutorial here.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

The only thing I would add to what everyone has said is that you can put almost anything (subject to width limitations)on the sidebar, by making sure you're placing the code in the sidebar section near the bottom of the template. Looking at what's already there can give you hints on what you need to put in to make it nice. I've been adding a lot of buttons/links to Blog-related sites. I just use the code the site provides in an appropriate part of the sidebar, and follow it with a break tag.