Monday, August 22, 2005

Round Robin Photo Challenge - Who I am in Black & White

I wasn't sure if I'd make the challenge this week so I didn't put my name on the list - yet. But, I managed to take some pics. Luckily, this one turned out because I took some others that I intended to use. I figured out which picture, had it all ready, even loaded it to my FTP space. That's when I realized that I had mixed up the topic. I thought it was "My Life in Black & White." Completely different subject matter. Woops!

I'm not thinking too clearly lately. I've been a bit spastic. Around 3pm every day I feel edgy and anxious. I think because I am itching for a cigarette at that time. It builds throughout the day. I used to smoke one around midmorning, then one or two at lunch time, then mid-afternoon I'd hit my last one for the workday. I don't take breaks anymore since I don't need to smoke so I start squirming and guzzling water. I'm liking the vivid dreams though that come from wearing the patch while I sleep. I don't normally dream too much so it's been kind of fun.

You know, this pic would have looked cool in black and white with a little smoke wafting up. Oh well....

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