Thursday, July 21, 2005

Round Robin Photo Challenge - "Moods"

I love to do digital photo manipulations. I think because I can manipulate a photo to create an end result that reflects my mood. Sometimes, it is even easier to express with a picture what I can't eloquently express with words.

I was hoping to do something with just one picture - the orange flower. I wanted to show how different moods could be expressed through the manipulation of just one photo. However, my computer kept shutting down on Tuesday as I tried to create something with it. I think it was just too hot here that my laptop was in revolt. Needless to say, it was making me quite moody. As such, I came home last night, turned on the A/C, and shifted gears a bit. I decided to show the before and after pics of various pics that I have done previously, some of which I have shown on here before. I'd say what moods that I was trying to express but something such as that is really open to interpretation.

For more photographic interpretations of "Moods" click here for a slew of links.


Godsdragon said...

Awesome pictures! How are things going?
GD aka BW ;)

rambler said...

Hi there, this is Anita (Ginskia). I clicked on your other journal when you said you had a mirror journal. I had a journal here before and then it just vanished. There are a lot of awesome journals here. I really love these pictures. You are really good at that. I never heard of Picassa. I had used Hello for my photo. There is so much you can do here that you can't on AOL if you know the workings of a computer which you do.

I also watch BB6. Next week we will all be saying bye bye to Eric.

Take care and I will come here or there and comment or email.

Luv Ya,
Anita (Ginskia)