Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I'm in love!

I went on vacation to a place I've never been, The Emerald City. I can see why they call it that too. My first impression was that it was very green in Seattle. Lots and lots of trees - tall trees.
My second impression was "Sheesh, these people drive slow!"

My third impression? "Driving slow doesn't help. They are some crazy kind of drivers there!"

But, I survived and made it back to LaLa land just in time to get myself off to work this morning.

I'll write more and share pictures about my trip throughout the rest of this week. I'd like to get it down before the memory fades but I couldn't help but share now this one little thing that occurred. I fell in love. I wasn't expecting to but who couldn't fall in love with a face like this:

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Godsdragon said...

Such cutie! lol. Babies have a way don't they?

Yes, I like ET a lot, have you read the Power of Now?