Friday, June 24, 2005

Testing a New Blogger Feature

Awesome! You can now directly load images into an entry. I have been using Picassa to do it. Picassa is cool and all but this is soooo much quicker. In order to get more than one picture in an entry in the past, I've had to upload them into individual entries then cut and paste the code into one entry and delete the others. This will be so very much quicker.

This is a picture from the concert I went to with Kevin the other night. I played with it in Photoshop. I actually wanted to do a little more to it because it looks like Kevin is missing an eye. But, such is life, it is what it is and is a great test pic!

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ckays1967 said...

Is it a lot of work to keep up the two different journals?? I am thinking of switching and have already started to set up a blog "mirror" because this format is easy for those of us who are graphically and computerly challenged.