Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Round Robin Photo Challenge: Crystal

I rushed home last night from work because I had commited to do this Round Robin Photo Challenge. For some strange reason, I thought the photos were supposed to be posted by Tuesday. Yikes! I hadn't even taken my picture yet. I've carried my camera with me all week. I've looked high and low for something that would fit. Nothing was working for me. So I settled on taking a picture of something that I had right in the house. I snapped shots of a couple of different things. Looked them over and finally settled on the picture below. Before deciding to post it, I thought I'd go look and see what others had posted. To my bewilderment, no one had posted a picture yet. Then I hit upon Steven's journal and found out that the blasted picture wasn't due until today.

"Great!" I thought. I can finish telling the story of the memorable weekend. No sooner did I think that then my internet service shut down. I tried shutting off the modem and rebooting several times. Nothing worked. This morning I thought I'd try to get online. No doing! I came home tonight and called the internet service. As I was waiting on hold, the message said to try unplugging the electrical source of the unit for thirty seconds. Hmmm...I had shut it off but I didn't disconnect it. What the heck! I gave it a try. story of the weekend but I did make it in time to post my photo.

I give you my interpretation of crystal:

It's a crystal wine glass with White Zinfandel, for not only the effect of the color but my nerves as well. The glass has a cut or pattern or some such thing going on. The view is looking straight down on it.


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Update: I forgot I wanted to add this cool link to Masaru Emoto's website. He takes pictures of water crystals exposed to different words. The link takes you to water exposed to the word "peace." Pretty cool stuff!

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