Thursday, June 23, 2005

Round Robin Photo Challenge: Cliche'


A bird in the hand equals two in the bush.

I'm glad to get to use the photos of the "real" birds. The quality isn't the greatest on either because I lose clarity when I zoom with my digital camera but I had to in order to not lose the birds in the bushes.

The second bird is a Hummingbird that I took at LACMA the last time I went. It blew my mind how long it sat there. I've never seen one of those not in motion. The third bird was a whimsical little thing. I took that picture when I was at The Huntington. The flower stem is a long dangling kind and the bird landed on it and allowed it to bend with its weight. Then, it did a tightrope walk to the end where the flower was.

The first bird is obviously not a real bird, but I didn't think anyone wanted to see a picture of a dead chicken so I chose a figurine that I received years ago as a gift.

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Wonderful you have to post to both journals seperately?