Sunday, May 15, 2005

Physical vs. Mental Exhaustion

I've been working so much that I feel a bit lifeless and dull. The last couple of weekends, Saturdays have been days for me to vegetate and do nothing but sleep and watch movies - mostly sleep. Then Sunday, I run around taking care of personal stuff like errands and cleaning. I squeeze in a social activity with a friend every other weekend or so. Jaunts that I've mentioned in my last several entries. I work on work-related stuff Sunday night as I watch my favorite television shows on ABC: Extreme Home Makeover, Desparate Housewives, and Grey's Anatomy. During the week, I work late hours and bring more work home with me to do the few hours I have left in the evening.

Because of all the work that I've been doing, I feel a bit disconnected from my friends and family. I feel really disconnected from my life. My brain feels dull. I haven't felt like writing because right now I'm living on the surface in order to preserve my energy for work. No time to think about topics that have journaling potential. I guess that's why I practically begged Trish to allow me to help her with her move yesterday. I wanted to do something for someone else. I wanted the opportunity to connect with a friend. I wanted to help and really I owed her big time for her laundry escapade with me from a couple of weeks ago. -- A couple of weeks! It's been over a month ago! Where is time flying these days?

Trish hired movers. She didn't feel that she needed any help but I insisted. I'm glad I did. While the movers transported everything from her old place to the truck, I stood sentry to make sure that no one decided to make off with her possessions when no one was looking. And, I put quarters in the parking meters for our vehicles since we parked them on the street. Every now and then, when the movers weren't looking and I thought I wouldn't be in the way, I would grab items from the building lobby and take them over to the truck. I think they were quite shocked that I helped at all. One of the guys even offered me a job which I turned down without hesitation.

It was the third move of the day for these guys and they were dragging. It took several hours for them to load up the truck. So, when we got to Trish's new place, I decided I couldn't take what seemed like a snail's pace any longer. I started grabbing boxes and hoofing them up the stairs. We made short shrift of getting the truck unloaded. Those poor guys were probably cursing me as they pulled away. I was exhausted and they had done those other two moves to boot so I'm sure their exhaustion was much more amplified.

It also made me grateful for the work that I do. I might be putting in long hours but my job is a cake walk compared to theirs. I might be mentally exhausted at the end of the day but it doesn't seem to even compare to the physical exhaustion that occurs from moving people every day. I know I couldn't do it. Or, if I did, I'd probably do it, like them, at a much more casual, energy conserving, pace. Poor guys, I hope that they aren't still cursing me today. I know I am a bit. But, I must admit, it feels good too. Thanks Trish for allowing me to break out of my routine.

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