Friday, May 27, 2005

The Mystery Revealed

Some people were so close in their guessing but not quite hitting the mark. I'll start with Door #2, then reveal Door #1 and how it relates to Door #2.

Door #2 is an actual working door and not a painting. However, it is part of an art exhibit at LACMA. It's one of the items that I really enjoyed in their modern art collection when Gigi and I went a while back. I'm not a big fan of modern art but this was such a unique experience and the detail was amazing, that I couldn't help loving it. Those doors open up and you walk into another world and time in life. Each experience being unique to the participant. I took several pictures inside the exhibit. Unfortunately, only one came out okay because it was so dark inside and you can't use your flash in the museum so I had to increase my exposure time. But, the following picture will give you a little taste of what it was like inside.

When you first walk through the doors it is like stepping onto someone's porch. You step through another door in the porch-like room and it leads you to what looks like a combination garage/workshop room. The above picture being one of the workbenches in that room. There's an old car on blocks with the hood up. It's dark and music is faintly playing in the background. You can hear crickets and creatures of the night making their noises. I felt like I had stepped through a time warp to some backwoods country place. There's all kinds of old timey things around. There's even a layer of dust and grime on things. It made me wonder if the exhibit has been there that long or if it was placed there along with the items to create the desired affect. Of course being modern art, there's a bit of the bizarre too. There were doll arms hanging from the rafters along with other paraphernalia. It was such a fun and unique experience, I couldn't help but enjoy it. I like old-timey things that invoke nostalgia.

Door #2 is indeed at LACMA too. However, those elevator doors lead to no where and I am not standing on a balcony looking down at them. I am standing directly in front of them. They are another exhibit in the modern art collection and are maybe six inches in height. But, they really work! They are built into one of the walls of the gallery. The doors close and you can press the little button and one of them will open. If you look closely, you can see that the perspective of the floor is a little out of whack in relation to the size of the doors, that's the hint that I was alluding to in my previous entry.

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